Old Aquilians

The Glebe House motto is ‘Sicut Aquilae’ which translates as ‘like Eagles’. It is taken from chapter 40 of the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, which speaks of rising up on Eagles’ wings – an inspirational thought! Our pupils are therefore Aquilians and past pupils are Old Aquilians and are proud to be so.

The memories of wearing the Eagle on their blazers and seeing the various representations around the school stir up thoughts of their schooldays and the hymn ‘On Eagles’ Wings’ can bring a tear to many an eye.

Visitors to the school are always welcome and we are delighted to spend time reliving past experiences with them. Obviously please use our contact form to provide advance notice to ensure an appropriate welcome.

We are working hard to launch a formal Old Aquilians association as a service for our past pupils, their parents and former members of staff in the next few months when John Crofts, who is currently headmaster, will retire and will have time to develop the association. Please do not hesitate to contact John or by phoning the school on 01485 532809 ext 1 if you would like to make contact.