Match reports – Week ending 05.10.18

U11 Hockey match

On Wednesday the 3rd of October we travelled to Gresham’s to play a hockey match. I lost the toss and chose ends.

We started off well having a few chances to score. I had a shot but it was deflected by the goalie. As a result of the deflection the ball went into the air with Mabel taking a tennis shot and scoring a goal. We began to play well but got too confident and started to get sloppy. This led to Gresham’s scoring two goals. We began to compose ourselves again, playing better as a team. This led to Mabel scoring another goal and levelling the score.

My girl of the game is Mabel for scoring the epic two goals. Well done team for our undefeated start to the season. Let’s keep it up.


Under 11 Rugby

On Wednesday 5th October, the under 11 Rugby team travelled to Langley school for a match. We were joined by four boys from Downham Prep and it was decided to split into two 7-a-side teams with 5 Glebe and 2 Downham in each team.

The first match was close throughout with Ferdi playing particularly well and scoring tries. Everyone performed in a tough match and we lost 4-2.
The second match was even closer, but we eventually lost 4-3. Edward was excellent in the tackle area and Freddie scored a great try.
We then played a short 9-a-side game which we lost 5-1, but the performance was still a brave one with good running and passing.
To improve we have to be more dynamic in the ruck area and tackle with more conviction.
Men of the matches were Ferdi and Edward.