Issue 14 – Week ending 18.01.2019

It’s been another busy week at Glebe – I know I always say that – but it is always so great to see so many different activities, lessons and experiences going on for our Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep students.

One of the strengths of our school has always been the amount of time we set aside for exercise and physical education. In Nursery, the children are very often to be found running (or crawling) around outside and going for walks around the grounds. In Pre-Prep and then more so in Prep, the sounds of children running around and having fun, whilst improving technique and skill is never far away.

Over the years I have taught in different types of schools with different approaches to the competitive side of sport. The first school I worked in was a state school where we would play football, netball, ‘kwik’ cricket and the occasional tag rugby fixture – but the onus was very much on lessons rather than fixtures and teaching the composite skills of most sports such as agility, flexibility and just generally ensuring that the children took enough exercise.

More recently, the school I last worked in before Glebe was more focused on competitive games, with A, B and C teams – with the A team playing more fixtures than the others. Those that weren’t selected to play in fixtures were instead in Games lessons learning the skills they need to improve their game.

At Glebe, I have enjoyed watching fixtures and I can sense the enjoyment, comradery and lessons that each child gains from taking part. In Games lessons where fixtures do not take place, pupils of all abilities gain valuable practice time and experience with our dedicated and talented Games and PE staff.

Once again, I would really welcome your opinions on how we approach competitive fixtures at Glebe now and how we might change it in the future, if we need to at all. I’m interested on your thoughts on how matches are approached – do we have too many, or not enough? Should matches be the best players regardless of age group, or all of the available players in each year group? I will start this process by asking this week in the newsletter – to be followed up by a questionnaire on this and the food provision in the coming weeks. You can email me here with your thoughts – whatever age group your child is – Nursery, Pre-Prep or Prep.

I know that many of your children will be taking part in sporting events this weekend – good luck to them – and good luck to you, standing on the sidelines trying not to freeze!

Have a great weekend