Issue 15 – Diversity is key

Firstly, I’d like to thank all of those parents who over the past two weeks have given me feedback on the sports and food at Glebe. We always looking at building on what we do well here, as well as improving what we can, so watch this space for more news on these areas soon.

We have been so lucky to welcome our Chinese visitors this week. I have been very proud of how kind and considerate our children have been towards our guests, in addition to being impressed with how well our visitors have settled into Glebe life.

Understanding different cultures and displaying tolerance for those different from us is something that I believe every child should be brought up to do. Racism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination are all too prevalent, in my opinion, filtering back into our society. You don’t have to look at social media for too long before you see foul and abusive comments made towards someone because of their race, religion or sexuality.

Of course, no child is born racist. Behaviours such as racism and hatred towards people are learned by children, through the fear and ignorance of those around them. It is our job as educators, as parents, as carers, to guide our children to an understanding of what is right, how we should act to one another and how finding common ground is a much better way than finding differences.

For this reason, at Glebe we will always welcome pupils, parents, visitors and guests from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all faiths and none. I strongly believe, that if our next generation is going to improve the world in which we live, that they will do it with, not against, each other. That is the message that we will always work hard to share with our pupils.

Have a good weekend,