Issue 16 – A voice is a wonderful thing

A voice is a wonderful thing to have. It can be loud, soft, tuneful, or a combination of those things. In our assembly on Wednesday with the Prep School, we learned all about how important our voice can be for standing up for what is right.

The children were learning about the Holocaust, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. We discussed why it was important to learn about things like that that make us sad – so that we can work hard to make sure that hatred and discrimination does not ever again cause such evil as it did in Germany in WWII, in Rwanda, in Darfour, in Cambodia.

Here is a link to a video that, due to technical issues, did not play in assembly. Perhaps you can share it with your children this weekend? It is suitable for all ages:

The main lesson to take away from the assembly was that we must all use our voice for good; it can be there to call out when something is unfair, something is unkind, or something is not right, or to call for help.

As Headmaster, I believe that our pupils should understand how important it is to use their voice to stand up for what is right. This starts in nursery, where we encourage our children to follow golden rules and to tell a grown up if something is wrong. It continues right through the school, with our older children getting to understand that they don’t have to be a bystander if something happens that they don’t think follows our ‘Glebe five-a-day’.

As parents, I’m sure this is a message you already share with your children. Please continue to talk to your children about this message, as I know you will be doing already – about using their voice for good, to stand up for others, to stand up for themselves and to share with adults they trust if something is not OK.

I hope you all have a restful and peaceful – and not too cold – weekend!