Match Reports – Week ending 01.03.19

Under 13 Mixed Hockey vs Beeston

On Tuesday 26th February a mixed Under 13 hockey team played a strong Beeston side. Beeston scored very early in the match and we never really recovered.
They continued to play well and despite our attempts, they scored several more goals. We had some chances but didn’t take them and the score was 5-0 at half time.
We played better in the second half but they scored more goals but we finished with a flourish with Daisy finally scoring. The final score was 9-1. My man of the match was Tate who volunteered to go in goal and made some good saves.


U13 Netball v Norwich School

On Wednesday the 27th of February Glebe U13 girls played a netball match against Norwich School. We started off the first quarter playing really well and trying our hardest. We got into spaces and kept possession of the ball, allowing us to score 4 goals and they didn’t score any. In the second quarter we continued playing really well and scored another 2 and they scored 1. In the third quarter we switched some positions and scored 2 more goals and they got 1. In the last quarter Alice and Emily played in defence really well, this allowed us to scored 3 more goals and they only scored 2 more. The final score was 11-4 to us. My man of the match is Alice for great passes and defence.

Olivia (Captain)

U11 Netball v Downham Prep

On Wednesday 27th February, Glebe U11 Netball team travelled to Downham Prep to play a match.
We started confidently, getting the ball into our third and letting Mabel score. We worked hard allowing Mabel and Annabel to score 2 more goals each and stopping Downham from scoring.
In the second quarter we changed some positions to even out the teams. Downham managed to score a goal and so did we.
At half time we changed the positions further. We were all playing in unfamiliar positions which threw us a bit. Downham scored a goal and we didn’t manage to score in this quarter.
In the final quarter we went back into our original positions and scored another 6 goals, 4 by Mabel and 2 by Annabel. We let 2 more in from Downham but we won the match 13 – 4.
We played incredibly well and my ‘Man of the Match’ is Eden.
Sydney (Captain)

Under 11 Netball v [email protected]

On Friday the 1st of March Glebe under 11s travelled to Langley, to play a netball match. Langley had 2 teams plus reserves and they played them against us in alternate quarters.
We started really well getting the ball into our third and letting Mabel score 3 goals. Langley quickly followed, scoring as well. The rest of the quarter was closely fought and by the end of the quarter the score was 6-5 to us.
In the second quarter Langley brought on their second team. We continued to play well but we were getting tired. We didn’t score any and let Langley score 3.
In the second half they brought on the first team again who were fresh from a rest and we weren’t. We tried hard but couldn’t score in this quarter and they scored 2 more.
In the final quarter we did a final push and scored 1 more by Mabel to end the match 10-7 to Langley. We played really well and my men of the match is the whole team for being resilient even though they always had a fresh team with lots of energy.
Well done team!

Sydney (Captain)

U9 Hockey vs Beeston

On 1st March, the U9 Hockey team went to Beeston for a tournament against Norwich, Langley, Beeston and Gresham’s.
First, we sat out for 2 games before we played. We played against Norwich first and drew 0:0 with some great opportunities from Jaybe but we unfortunately couldn’t score.
Next, we played Langley and won 2:0. Both Freddie Kelsie and Jaybe scored.
Then we played Beeston who we beat easily 3:0. Jaybe scored 2 of the goals and Benjy scored the other.
Next, we moved onto Gresham’s. This was the hardest game so we used all our might and managed to draw 1:1 with Jaybe scoring.
In the end we were runners up, coming 2nd to Gresham’s. Good effort team! To improve, we need to work on our passing.
My Man of the Match is Jaybe for scoring some great goals.


Friday 1st March

Netball – Glebe v Beeston
We started off well and within one minute I scored our first goal. We were very strong against the Beeston team as they were mostly from year 3. Kitty and I scored five more goals in the first quarter.
Miss Hubbard decided to swap around the positions to give Beeston a chance. Nina moved to GS and scored an amazing goal from the edge of the D. Savannah played GA and scored great goals in the second and third quarters.
In the final quarter Nina and Missy scored a goal each, making the final score an impressive 11-0. Everyone played very well in new positions.
My girl of the game is Nina for her great performance as GS and her amazing first goal.

By Orla J