Last word – Week ending 15.03.19

A famous quote from the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato states: Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

We have enjoyed quite a musical week here at Glebe. Of course, we have had the usual music lessons, Hartbeeps and sound exploration that make up part of our Nursery and School curriculum. Pupils have been enjoying their individual music lessons too, with piano, clarinet, drums and singing to name but a few.

On Wednesday, the Prep School enjoyed a hymn practice, with two very different songs as a focus. Firstly, we looked at a song called ‘Wake Up’ where the children were encouraged to dance, shake their bodies and give a friend a thumbs up. I think I even caught one or two of the Div VIIIs joining in! We also spent some time working on the school song, On Eagles’ Wings. We have so many new pupils with us that it is important that they all have a chance to hear and learn our wonderful, defining hymn.

Finally, today was the chance for us to hear many outstanding performances at our informal concert. From the children that have only had one or two lessons, to the more experienced and able performers, it was as usual a fantastic way to end the week – with the imagination, charm and gaiety of which Plato spoke clear for everyone to enjoy.

I hope that this weekend you have a chance to listen to some music that you like. It may be Beethoven, Girls Aloud or Baby Shark – whatever your music of choice, there is nothing better than having a dance, singing a song with your family and giving wings to your mind. Actually – I’m not too sure about Baby Shark but you get the picture!

Have a great weekend,

Louis Taylor