Mr Taylor’s Final Word – Week Ending 22nd March 2019

If I can cast your minds back to two Thursdays ago, the school was enjoying World Book Day. Everyone was dressed up and ready to go – including me, dressed as Where’s Wally. I was having breakfast with some of the boarding pupils when our Business Manager, Paul, came in to find me. Funnily enough – he couldn’t at first (it must have been a great costume!)

The reason he had come to find me was because we had been informed that ISI would be arriving in half an hour for an unannounced check up, after our last inspection.

You will remember, no doubt, that we had a wonderful result in our last ISI inspection. The children and staff showed in a few days the true essence of the Nursery and Main School to achieve Outstanding and Excellent across the board. You can read our Inspection report HERE if you would like to refresh your memory.

At the Inspection in October, the Inspectors found one or two things that we needed to work on in respect of the compliance rules for schools. I am delighted to say that on their unannounced visit ISI gave us a clean bill of health on everything. You can read the read the updated report on our website HERE and it will be emailed to everyone next week.

The positivity surrounding Glebe at the moment is something you can almost reach out and touch. We have a total so far of eight new pupils starting with us after Easter, across different year groups, and I am supremely confident that we will do what we always do in making those families feel welcome and a part of our wonderful school.

A pupil who came for a taster day this week wrote a letter to the school. In it, she wrote:

“I wish I could stay for the week, I love this school so much. I love the Glebe and all my lovely new friends.”

This school truly is special. From the parents, to the staff, pupils and entire extended family, I unashamedly say once more how proud I am to be the Headmaster of this school.

Have a great, relaxing and hopefully sunny weekend,

Louis Taylor