Headmaster’s Last Word – Week ending 14.06.19

I often consider myself to be in a fortunate position at Glebe as I can have a foot in two camps. Not only am I Headmaster, but also I have my two children as pupils here.
Now, this can have its downsides of course. Having to politely tell one of my children that ‘Daddy can’t watch you do rolly polys on my sofa right at this minute because he has an important meeting’ is always fun. Being called ‘Sir Daddy’ at home by mistake was, however, one of the highlights!
My experiences and those of Naomi as new parents here can often be very important in forming my opinion of the ethos the school has and the direction in which it is moving.
Let’s take the swimming gala today, for example, and swimming as a whole. When I saw the distance that the children had to race, I jokingly asked a colleague what our ‘anti drowning policy was’ as I had never seen my son swim that far. Of course, I was very proud of him when he managed that distance with no problem. I was just as proud to see all of the children having a chance to participate, at their level, with such enthusiasm and support from their friends and family.
Another example is with my daughter, who came up in assembly on Monday. The shy and timid young lady that she was at the start of the year in a similar situation was now gone, replaced by someone with confidence and ease. Again, I am as proud of the other children who I have seen come on a similar journey this term.
Of course, our academic profile is second to none. We have children every year getting prestigious scholarships to independent schools, wining national competitions and our tracking system ensures that each individual child reaches their potential.
In addition to that though, are those intangible things that I get to see first hand as a parent. Not just swimming, not just confidence in a once shy child, but that Glebe effect. It is all around us to see and it is something that whatever changes are made to improve the school, must be at the heart of what we do.
I can’t wait to show the school off again at tomorrow’s Open Day and I hope to see many of you there to meet our new uniform supplier.
Have a great weekend,
Louis Taylor