Glebe Foundation

As evidenced by inspections, Glebe House School gives children a stable, stimulating, safe, moral and family oriented environment, in which they can develop the skills required to succeed in the 21st century and we appreciate individuality and encourage development for all, in every aspect of school life.

The Glebe Foundation has been established to raise funds to support the long-term future of Glebe House School. The initial programme will be to move into the third decade of this century offering the opportunity for all pupils of ability to benefit from a Glebe House School education and to develop facilities that both benefit our pupils, but also ones which can be shared with the local community.

Building on the past at GHS

From our foundation in 1874, the school’s owners and then from 1977 the Governors of the school who are Trustees of GHS Trust Limited, have supported the school and much that current pupils enjoy has been funded by the generosity of others. The continuing and ongoing generosity of current and past parents help to ensure that Glebe House School remains a diverse, vibrant community with improving facilities.

The erection of the Junior Building in 1990 was largely achieved through a development appeal, and other areas of the school including the science laboratory (2005), the Astroturf (2008) and Pavilion (2009) have benefited from parent and Old Aquilian support.

In 2017, as part of the school’s carefully considered business plan, the Governing Body made a bold and prudent decision. In order to secure the school’s long-term future on its current site, it purchased the land the school sits on from the Diocese of Norwich, which has been generous in this process. The repayment of this essential loan, while adding a certain financial restraint, means that we can look to develop in a way that was previously very limited. As a result, there are plans to enhance various areas of the school, notably our sporting facilities.

Fees cover staff and running costs, along with maintenance, however current pupils continue to benefit from the generous support of the past parents, Old Aquilians and former staff who love the ethos of the school and have invested in the future of the school. We are grateful to all those who continue this tradition.