Headmaster’s Blog – 26th May 2018

Dear Parents,

It hardly seems any time since Easter and yet the first (and longer) half of the summer term is over!

Once again the weather has changed from sun at the beginning of the week through a very windy mid-week, heavy rain and now a sea mist on Friday evening as I start writing.

The activities of this week have been varied too with Division lV exploring the world of the Anglo Saxons on Monday, matches in 3 different sports, Nursery Sports’ Day and finishing with our Public Speaking today.


Last Week


Picture of the week

This week Picture of the Week is awarded to Charlie Prout for his rather scary mask! Well Done to you Charlie!

Look what's happening in the Reception classroom!

There is so much excitement as our eggs are hatching out – 7 out of 9.

We can’t wait to come back after the holiday and see how they have grown!


Sports' fixtures


Cluster U9 Tennis Tournament at home, Tuesday 22nd May

We were pleased once again to host the Cluster Short Tennis Tournament and to be joined by teams from Brancaster, Docking, Hunstanton and Sedgeford, who with 3 teams from us made 9 teams in total.

Our players took part as 3 teams, but each team played as two pairs; one boy and one girl. Each pair played four matches and the organisers worked out who got the medals from all the matches. All our children played well and each pair won more matches than they lost.

The final results put Docking A team in first place and our B team of Edward Gostling & Missy Jennings and William Saunders & Lily Hawkins in second place. I was impressed by the attitude of all our players and we will now have an internal competition to pick a team for the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk championships after half term.


U13 Cricket v Town Close at home, Wednesday 23rd May

Glebe U13 cricketers were joined by Downham Prep and Daisy, Alice, Maude and Elinor for a home game vs Town Close. We were all extremely excited to get a good result after the shambolic performance last time out.

I lost the toss and they chose to field. We started slowly only racking up a small amount of runs, until Harry from Downham and Ned had very good performances to move our score along. Daisy, Maude and Elinor also came in at the end and outperformed most of the boys in a great performance from every one of them. At the end of our innings we had set a very modest total of 59 runs for them to catch.

Our fielding was very sloppy but our bowling was good. If we had been a lot more alert in the field and had longer bowling spells from our higher order bowlers then I think the game would have been a lot different. They managed to catch our total with quite a few overs left.

Unlucky team, we need to concentrate more in bat and field next time and I’m sure we will get a better result.

My man of the match was Elinor for her all round great play.

Piers Henderson (captain)


Glebe U9 Rounders away v Riddlesworth Hall, Wednesday 23rd May

Riddlesworth won the toss and chose to field first. We started well as Maisie and Eliza both scored rounders and the rest of us all scored halves. Unfortunately Amelie got caught out but that didn’t stop our determination.

When we started fielding Eliza stumped three people out at fourth post and Amelie got one person out at third.

In the second innings we batted again and scored a lot more rounders, one by Eliza, one by me and three by Emily.

When we fielded again, I got three people out at third, Eliza got one at fourth, and Amelie one at second. The final result was 18½ to us and 14 to them.

My girl of the game is Emily for her hard work and her three rounders. Well done team.

Orla Haslam (captain)


U10 Girls Cricket v Gresham's at home, Wednesday 23rd May

On Wednesday, Gresham’s came to us to play U10 Girls’ Cricket.

They chose to field first. We started batting but we were not as good as we were in our last match and we lost 4 wickets so our score of 40 was reduced to 20.

They batted and scored 55 with Annabel taking a wicket.

We had our second innings and we were better, with Mabel hitting 2 fours. We scored 55 making our overall score 275.

Gresham’s batted again and scored 56, making their overall score 311.

My girl of the game is Mabel for hitting 3 fours!

Well played girls.

Gracie-Mae Meek (captain)


U9 Kwik Cricket v Riddlesworth Hall away, Wednesday, 23rd May

We all played really well in this match. Unfortunately we lost 5 runs when somebody bowled me out. Freddie Gribbin had a fine all-round match running someone out, bowling accurately and scoring 33 runs, including 4 sixes. Freddie McGarrell did well too scoring 22 runs.

Riddlesworth got 230 runs but we got 287. We won the match by 57 runs. Well done team!

Archie Rowe (Captain)


U11 Cluster Kwiksticks Cricket at Dersingham CC, Thursday 24th May

Under a blue sky and sunshine we competed in the annual Kwiksticks cricket tournament and played well only narrowly losing to Dersingham and therefore coming second in the tournament.

At the Aquilian Programme

We have continued to enjoy activities as part of the Aquilian programme on Wednesday afternoons, particularly as we can now get outside more.

One indoor activity that is a bit different is Lily Flett making her sustainable beeswax food wrap (cling film alternative). She and the others who made some have taken it home for testing over half term.

Public Speaking Competiton, Friday 25th May

Fuller details of our annual public speaking competition will be posted in the next blog, but I did want to thank straight away both the children who performed and our School Chaplain, Reverend Susan Bowden-Pickstock for coming into school to advise the children in the lead-up to the competition and for her thoughtful adjudication yesterday.

I am no longer surprised by the quality shown, as I have come to expect it from our pupils, but it is still a delight to be proved right in my expectations and yesterday was no exception.

The winners were:

Archie Rowe in the Division lll & lV competition as he spoke about his new baby brother Barnaby.

In Divisions V & Vl they talk about a person and a place respectively and Sydney Hipwell, who spoke about Ellen MacArthur, the yachtswoman, and Jasmin Thorneycroft, on The Library, won those age groups,

In Divisions Vll & Vlll the focus is on persuasive argument and we were treated to a wide range of subjects from international affairs to matters close to home, delivered with skill and passion. The winner, who with 97% also won the overall cup, was Kitty Robinson speaking on why the voting age should be lowered.


Baby Sitting

If you ever need a baby sitter we have three young ladies, our gappers, Mika Chagas & Rita Santos, and Hattie Crown, and Old Aquilian who volunteers in boarding and the school, who would be very willing to be engaged. Please contact them initially through the school office.


Thinking ahead to next half of term

The online calendar will give the full programme for the last half of term, but over the holiday you might consider the following:

Divisions Vll & Vlll will have examinations starting on the Tuesday (5th) after half term.

We have our 9th Annual Golf Competition for parents & friends of the school on 8th June. Please contact myself or Sarah Minney for more information. It is not too late to join us.

We look forward to seeing Old Aquilians at the Cricket and Rounders matches on Saturday the June from 12noon onwards.

The Children’s Ball is at Thornham Village Hall from 5-7pm on Sunday 10th June. Tickets available from the School Office.

Glebe Performers, Glebe does Strictly and Pre-prep ballet will be performing in The Princess Theatre in Hunstanton at 5.30pm on Thursday 28th June

Starting from 5pm on Friday 29th June we have our Bring Your Tent to School Weekend and this runs until Sunday 1st July. More details will come out shortly, but it will be a great event with the Parents’ Committee taking a break from the School Fete to lay on a range of activities for particpants.


The very last week of term

This may need some managing for parents workwise and you will want to consider these events as appropriate:

Pre-Prep will have a final assembly with presentations to which all their parents and family are most welcome at 2pm on Wednesday 4th July. This will be followed by tea in the Pre-Prep Garden

The Prep School House Show is in the marquee on the field at 5pm on Thursday 5th July

Speech day on Friday 6th starts with a church service for all pupils (parents very welcome) at St Mary’s Old Hunstanton at 9.30am. Coffee is then available in the marquee before Prize Giving at 11.00am, when our Guest of Honour will be Duncan Slater Duncan Slater – Walking With The Wounded Ambassador

Duncan joined the RAF at 19, dedicating his life to the military for over a decade. He was parachute qualified and worked primarily with airborne units, achieving the rank of Sergeant. In 2009 Duncan was on patrol in the Helmand region of Afghanistan when the vehicle he was travelling in hit an improvised explosive device. Duncan was thrown forty feet by the impact and suffered breakages to his legs, ankles, ribs, lower back, shoulder blade and left arm. The only unbroken part of his body was his right arm. After 12 months of rehab it became clear that both legs must be amputated in order for Duncan to be able to walk pain free.

Duncan is determined to show that limitations are only in the mind, saying: “When I was blown up I thought that my life was to be limited – I was told by my doctor that I would never walk or run again without pain. I was determined to prove otherwise. I want to show others that amputees can do anything…to have the opportunity to help a charity that is willing to do so much is beyond words.”

Within 8 months of having his legs amputated, Duncan went on a fundraising cycle ride from Lands End to John O Groats and in 2013 he made history by becoming the only double amputee to ski to the South Pole as part of a Walking With The Wounded expedition to show the fortitude, character and abilities of our injured service personnel.

April 2016 brought new challenges as Duncan faced his biggest test yet: the gruelling Marathon des Sables, which consists of six marathons in six days across the Sahara desert. Duncan was the first double leg amputee ever to take part. However, by day four damage to Duncan’s legs forced him to withdraw from the race. Over the course of the following 12-months Duncan worked with specialists to have ground-breaking new prosthetics fitted to improve his performance and chances of completing this punishing challenge. In April 2017 Duncan made history for the second time by being the first double amputee to complete the “toughest race on Earth” – the 251km journey across the Sahara Desert.


A personal bit

I have been most grateful to those people who have wished me well as I prepare to retire as Headmaster of Glebe House School. This is not my final connection with the school as in my retirement I will be in school for some hours each week running a newly-formed Old Aquilians Association to help past pupils and parents to keep in touch with the school and one another. We are also launching the Glebe House School Foundation, which will seek to raise money for the school other than through parental fees to support both the bursary and scholarship funds and to improve facilities around the school. One example is to renovate the swimming pool to provide a community and school function throughout the year. More of that soon.

There will be occasions when the school community will have an opportunity to mark my departure; notably at Prize Giving and at the Ball and, although I will feel uncomfortable at times as I hate fuss, I am touched by the efforts on my behalf. Bridget and I will be hosting a drinks party in the marquee from 12 noon on Sunday 8th July to which all current parents would be most welcome (if you haven’t had enough of me by then). Please don’t feel that you need to attend, but this is for us to say thank you to you and past parents and pupils. It would be most helpful for catering purposes if you would kindly let the office know if you are able to attend.

Finally I would earnestly like to request that, although I appreciate the sentiment, there are to be no gifts given to me personally on my retirement. If so wished it will be possible to make a donation to the Glebe House School Foundation and details of how to do this will be available as soon as possible.

I wish you all a very pleasant half term holiday

John Crofts

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