JPC’s final blog

A huge thank you!

Dear all,

What a great final day of the school year! I hope the Old Aquilians Service and the Prize Giving were enjoyable for all.

The day was certainly more special for me and Bridget than I deserved or could have ever wished for and so thank you to all who made it so wonderful. That said it was typical of Glebe that the pupils, parents and staff should rise to the occasion. The bits I could control were fine, although I know everyone was drawn to Duncan Slater, our guest of honour who spoke with passion and great humour about his experiences since the explosion in Afghanistan that changed his life, but it was the ‘extras’ that were something else! ‘On Eagles Wings’ is always poignant, and the Division VIIIs didn’t let us down with their tears, but the presence of 16 Old Aquilians coming down the aisle made it even more so.

Once in the marquee for Prize Giving we were able to mark the end of Adam Poulter’s tenure as Chairman of Governors and I enjoyed the whole event with the final big song being both unexpected and such a treat!

The ability to socialise afterwards and say goodbye to the Leavers is always a privilege but the marvellous weather and Katie Poulter’s initiative to bring in food trucks as an alternative to picnics made the occasion even more memorable.

I am very grateful for your gifts and good wishes. It has been a privilege to work with some wonderful colleagues, governors and parents to affect the lives of children of whom Glebe and their families can be justly proud, indeed many would not be where they are without this school. Most of you know that this is not the end of my relationship with Glebe House, and indeed I look forward to the ways I (and you) can make a difference in the future. Glebe House is a wonderful place to be and I know that Louis Taylor and his family will enjoy your support as they move in during the summer holidays. The future is indeed bright!

I hope the three galleries of photographs below, thanks to Bill Robinson, will remind you of a wonderful Speech Day, which I for one will never forget.

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