For many children, particularly in the early stages of reception, the daily programme is quite tiring and going home at 3.30pm is ideal, but as the children get older (and more confident) the post-school (and in one case lunchtime) opportunities to extend the children are both valuable and good fun.

Such activities may vary according to the time of year or simply to offer variety, but some are real favourites. Physical activities such as football, ball games, archery, fencing, gymnastics and swimming all complement the emerging sporting talent amongst the children, and yoga offers the opportunity to combine story-telling with movement and relaxation as an aid to mental wellbeing.

Ballet is a lunchtime activity run by a dynamic parent, who ensures that discipline is added to enjoyment and this is shown whenever the children perform to parents.

Most children adore the ability to be creative and hence our Head of Art & Design Technology is happy to offer the children the chance to be free to pursue their own ideas.

Adjacent to the Junior Building, we have our kitchen garden and orchard, which encourages children to be hands-on in growing a variety of produce for use in the dining room.