Glebe House School believes that pupils should receive a broad and balanced curriculum, which delivers an education suited to all pupils across the full age and ability range, including those in the EYFS, and one which will ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to learn and make progress; and will offer effective preparation of pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life covering the following areas:


We aim to develop pupils’ communication skills and increasing their command of the English language through listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also offer French from EYFS and German in the final three years with optional language-based activities in Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Spanish.


We help pupils to make calculations, to understand and appreciate relationships and patterns in number and space and to develop their capacity to think logically and express themselves clearly. Their knowledge and understanding of mathematics is developed in a variety of ways, including practical activity, competition, exploration and discussion.


Our aim is to increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of nature, materials and forces and with developing the skills associated with science as a process of enquiry: for example, observing, forming hypotheses, conducting experiments and recording their findings. The use of our Forest School and beaches considerably enhances this area of the curriculum.


We aim to prepare children fully for the future through computing lessons that focus on the skills of programming; developing, planning and communicating ideas to produce solutions to problems. In design and technology we work with tools, equipment, materials and components to produce good quality products; and evaluate processes and products.

Human and social

The teaching of history, religious studies and geography aims to give pupils an understanding of how human action, now and in the past, has influenced events and conditions, insight into the beliefs of our and different cultures and understanding of people and their environment.


From the youngest pupils, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical control and co-ordination. As pupils grow we aim to help them develop their tactical skills and imaginative responses and to evaluate and improve their performance.

Aesthetic and creative

This is a feature of many subjects and the opportunities are considerable throughout the extra-curricular programme with all children are in at least one dramatic performance a year. Many children play musical instruments, have items in art exhibitions and displays and take advantage of song and dance opportunities.