Aquilian Curriculum Enrichment Programme (ACEP)

Life skills are consistently stated as one of the key factors in a young person’s ability to enter the workplace, and at Glebe we work to build a strong foundation at the prep stage.

Glebe House School’s ACEP is designed to recognise commitment to activities beyond the classroom and to offer new challenges that positively stretch a child beyond their comfort zone. Children are encouraged to identify areas of learning which interest them and we work with them to develop physical and mental challenges that extend their knowledge, understanding, ability and skillset. This will involve tasks at home, school and the wider community.

Growing, milling and baking with wheat, building a school model railway and making charcoal from willow grown in the school garden – pupils’ imaginative ideas provide a fertile ground for projects which ACEP can help them to develop.

So far this year pupils have chosen which vegetables they would like to grow for the school kitchen, and have spent time preparing the garden for what they hope will be a productive harvest later in the season. The Juniors enjoyed land and water-based adventurous training at Brancaster, and Senior pupils are planning fundraising for their expedition to the Lake District in June. During the darker months, First Aid and cookery skills are also a focus, alongside team and individual challenges.

In spring we have the opportunity to become involved in making traditional willow crab pots to catch shellfish off the North Norfolk Coast, in conjunction with various other outdoor and survival activities.

The ACEP aims to foster a sense of self-sufficiency and community from an early age, and in keeping with the Forest School ethos is, where possible, led by the child, encouraging them to take responsibility for their personal development and growth. Our aim is to create happy, confident children who are resilient and at ease in challenging situations – life skills which will stand them in good stead at every stage of life.