As children move into prep school, we encourage their growing sense of independence. A number of children choose to weekly board or stay on regular or occasional nights, some in preparation for senior school, some just for fun. Our flexibility usually means we can accommodate children even at quite short notice if parental arrangements change.

Combining the best aspects of traditional boarding with a warm, nurturing environment, boys and girls enjoy a range of evening activities led by the teaching staff and gap students before returning to their respective houses where they relax with a late snack and drink before bedtime. Special events such as birthdays, national holidays and pancake day are celebrated and children enjoy honing their domestic and organisational skills whilst learning consideration for others living as part of a community.

Our fantastic location means that we are able to enjoy impromptu evenings on the beach, or a game of bowling nearby, or even just a fun game of hide and seek in the school grounds and field – simple childhood pleasures that create memories that last a lifetime.

‘The warm and close family atmosphere within the boarding is a great strength of the school,’

ISI Inspection Report