Next steps

We believe that at 13 years, our children have benefitted from an outstanding foundation for the rest of their lives and that they are academically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally ready for the next stage in their educational careers.

It is a privilege to be able to offer parents and children advice on their senior school. This advice can come at any age but is usually round about age ten or eleven and involves questions of distance, suitability for boarding, the merits of individual schools, children’s interests and the possibility of scholarships and other financial assistance.

We are proud of the substantial proportion of our children who enter senior schools with scholarship awards and the children’s subsequent success at public examinations and university entrance in this country and abroad.

The small classes and individual support make a difference throughout the school but it is undoubtedly in the final two years that the willingness of staff is so valued in assisting each and every pupil to develop their individual study skills and interview techniques to fully prepare them for the entry procedure to their next school.

The Leavers’ Programme at the end of Division Vlll is a wonderful way to round off their Glebe House years with memories of residential visits to Paris and the Lake District, local trips, helping to organise the whole school camp and other events, the formal Aquilae Dinner and the Leavers’ Charity Walk to add to their years at the school as they become Old Aquilians.