The arts

Every Glebe pupil is involved in the performing arts, whether it be through music, drama or dance, each of which plays an important role during the children’s time at Glebe in enabling them to explore their individual talents and in developing their ability to express themselves confidently before an audience.

Music tuition and performance are integral to the life of the Glebe. Every class has lessons taught by a specialist music teacher as part of the curriculum, and many children also opt to take up one or more instruments or individual singing lessons taught by our enthusiastic and inspiring team of peripatetic music staff; currently more than half of our pupils receive such specialist tuition. Glebe has an all-inclusive School Orchestra, pupils perform concerts each term, and our School Choir is frequently invited to perform in local churches and at public events.

Drama and public speaking are equally important at Glebe, both as part of our pupils’ English curriculum and as a source of healthy competition during the course of the year. Public speaking skills are an extremely valuable asset throughout one’s life, and pupils are encouraged to develop their abilities through preparation for competitions both at Glebe and in the wider community. Each term’s stage production is eagerly anticipated by parents and children alike, and our year culminates with the legendary Inter House Show, where even the shyest of pupils are encouraged to find their voice.

Could you design a funky shoe based on a fruit or make a paddle boat that really works. How about designing a headdress for a carnival? Drawing, making, painting and designing are all incorporated in art and design, and design technology. How do we teach these subjects at Glebe House School? We start with reception classes, building skills as we go. Drawing from observation is a core skill that we focus on as it is central to all design but we also have lots of fun letting our imaginations run wild and tapping into our individual creativity.

Visits to museums and galleries inform and broaden learning and understanding of these disciplines, and opportunities are given through a variety of clubs including clay club, textiles, STEAM, sketch club and crafts, to name a few. For those who demonstrate super talent and dedication, opportunities for building portfolios towards successful scholarships are given.

‘Music and drama provision gives good opportunities to build pupils’ self-confidence,’

ISI Inspection Report