12-Day Drawing Challenge

As a fun way to start the new term, Mrs. Hipwell, Head of Art, launched her all-new “12-Day Drawing Challenge”. 

The challenge was to draw a new sketch every day for 12 consecutive days and was open to all children from Division III to VIII. The children received their homemade sketchbooks from Mrs. Hipwell on Thursday, January 11th and began the challenge on Friday, January 12th.

The challenge allowed the children to draw anything they liked, using their interests, hobbies, memory, imagination or observation as inspiration. Prizes were awarded for the most interesting sketches, including beautiful A5 concertina sketchbooks.

“I wanted to set a challenge for the children that might encourage good habits, much like practising music every day,” said Mrs Hipwell.

This was a great initiative to instil a love of art, enhance sketching skills and promote the mindfulness and relaxation benefits of drawing.

The children also produced some brilliant work, we hope you enjoy the sample shown here!