Proud our Pre-Prep and Prep is rated ‘Excellent’

Pre-Prep and Prep

Building foundations and gaining confidence.

At Glebe, we offer an enriching journey through Pre-Prep and Prep that sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. With small class sizes, we prioritise personalised attention and exceptional pastoral care, ensuring that each child’s unique needs are met. In Pre-Prep, we lay a solid foundation by focusing on key skills such as reading, numeracy, and letter formation, following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. As our students progress, they engage in a diverse range of activities, from singing and cooking to outdoor learning, all while working towards achieving EYFS goals. We foster a nurturing environment where young minds flourish and discover the joy of learning.

Our Curriculum

At Glebe, we follow the common entrance curriculum. This covers Maths, English and Science. To add to that, Humanities, French, Art, PE and much more is covered by our specialist teachers. We don’t do SATs – we prepare our children for all different senior schools in a balanced and interesting way.


Our Activities

As well as the exciting lessons, we have a wide breadth of extra curricular activities available. From Spanish to Sports, from Pottery to Yoga, we cover every imaginable activity across the Pre-Prep and Prep – most of which are included in your school fees.



In the crucial early years of education, we prioritize the development of key literacy and numeracy skills through an interactive curriculum. Our pre-prep department fosters a positive environment that nurtures happy, confident children who are eager to learn and embrace new ideas.

Qualified and dedicated class teachers provide formal literacy and numeracy lessons each morning. We place great importance on daily reading sessions with your child. With small class sizes and single-year group instruction, we can tailor lessons to meet individual needs. Regular target setting and assessments enable us to identify and address your child’s specific learning needs.


At Glebe, we believe in empowering our children to explore profound questions that shape their understanding of the world. From studying history to grasp the importance of tolerance and respect, to nurturing a sense of environmental responsibility, and recognizing the role of logic in mathematics, our specialist teaching staff guide students aged seven and above on an enlightening journey.

With small class sizes in our Prep school, our rigorous academic program surpasses the National Curriculum, preparing students for the challenges of Common Entrance. Over the past two decades, all our Division VIII leavers secured places in their preferred senior schools, with 25% earning scholarships. As Old Aquilians, they have excelled, achieving over 90% A* or A grades in their GCSE exams three years later. We firmly believe that their Glebe experience planted the seeds of their remarkable success.

Discover the difference

Our small class sizes and careful planning allow us to identify each child’s strengths and areas for development. Take a tour and see how we give children their best start.

Arts, Performance & Music

Creativity and self-expression are nurtured at Glebe House School, empowering children to explore the arts in all its forms. Our dedicated Art Room offers diverse media and design technology. Interactive learning with touchscreen chromebooks and engaging performances develop confidence. Students excel in music, drama, and public speaking, with extracurricular clubs adding to their artistic journey.


School Trips

We’re right by the beach, of course, so we often go there for our lessons – on top of that, we visit all sorts of exciting places. Trips to museums, theatres and places of natural wonder happen throughout the year, as well as occasional residential visits and trips abroad.

School Boarding

Boarding at Glebe House School is cherished by our students who embrace the fun, friendships, and personal growth it brings. We prioritize their opinions on outings, activities, food, and entertainment. Our commitment to safety, respect, and inclusivity fosters well-rounded, kind, and confident individuals. The nurturing family environment ensures every child is heard, respected, and supported. At Glebe, we provide the ideal setting for children to thrive and achieve their full potential.


Leaver's Programme

The Leavers’ Programme in Division VIII is the pinnacle of every pupil’s journey, creating memories that last a lifetime. After the summer exams,  students embark on a bespoke series of activities that are nothing short of extraordinary.

From thrilling residential trips to stunning destinations like Wales, Dorset, France, and London, they engage in exhilarating experiences like coasteering, kayaking, and speed boating on the Thames. Together with their closest friends, explore The West End, creating unforgettable moments.

Closer to home, they dedicate their time to charity work, enjoy beach picnics and mystery day adventures with the Head. The grand finale of the programme is an epic 20-mile walk through the scenic Norfolk countryside, culminating in a magnificent formal dinner where families and friends come together to celebrate.

Future Challenges

Senior schools our pupils move on to include:

Alderman Peel High School, Wells
Bedford School, Bedford
Greshams School, Holt
Kings School, Ely
The Leys School, Cambridge
Norwich School, Norwich
Oundle School, Peterborough
Reepham High School, Reepham
Springwood School, Kings Lynn
Stamford School, Stamford
Uppingham School, Uppingham
Wisbech Grammer School, Wisbech
Wymondham College, Wymondham

Discover the Happy School.

Take a tour of our school, where happiness and wellbeing thrive. See for yourself the excellent educational opportunities we have to offer.

“Our small class sizes and careful planning allow us to identify each child’s strengths and areas for development.”

“I am so pleased that my daughter stayed at Glebe until 13 as she had the maturity and self-confidence to handle a bigger senior school.”

“The teachers are very kind and encouraging. They are always trying to help us improve in whatever we are doing.”

“We are proud to be a school where happiness and wellbeing thrives under encouragement and exceptional pastoral care.”

“My son boards on a Wednesday night and for us its a ‘win-win’ situation, it gives him and us some freeedom and independence for that one night every week.”

“The best bit about being in reception is seeing my friends every day and having fun…”

“In the last five years 92% of Glebe pupils who applied for Scholarships to their Senior School of choice were successfully awarded them.”

“Since starting at Glebe, my son has gained in confidence and is maturing in to a fine young man.”

“You get to know and look after the pupils from all the other years really well, we are like one big family!”