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Easter Camp

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Easter Camp

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Match reports – week ending 28.06.19

U13 Cricket vs Beeston U13B

Glebe finished the season with an impressive win at home against Beeston in which the team played superbly. Joel (31no) and Matthew (14) got us to a great start with Matthew departing with our score at 66-2. With some explosive hitting lower down the order, we got to 95 runs with the bat and bowled out Beeston for 64 with Ethan, Freddie G and Charlie being the pick of the bowlers with 2 wickets each. Theo and Ned also bowled well and Matthew who had a fine game as wicket keeper claimed the last wicket with the final ball of the match. Well done everyone on a super performance!

Wednesday, 26th June

Last Wednesday we played two matches against St. Hugh’s. I won the toss for the ‘A’ team and chose to bat first. Each of our pairs ran well between the wicket and we managed to score 271 runs. We were winning the match until the last St. Hugh’s pair came to the wicket. They overtook our total and scored 308 runs, winning the match by 37 runs. My man of the match was Stanley for his great all-round play, including catching someone out from his own bowling. Well done team!

Jacob (Captain)

Although the ‘B’ team lost this match we put up a good fight. Joshua was my man of the match for bowling lots of good balls and for his great wicket. We scored 238 runs and St. Hugh’s got 272. We lost the match by 34 runs. We kept trying against a strong team. Well done everyone!

Jack (Captain)

Match reports for Week ending 21.06.19

Under 9s Kwik Cricket vs Downham

On Wednesday 19th June, Glebe U9 boys played Kwik Cricket against Downham Prep at home. They won the toss and chose to bat first. Glebe bowled well in keeping their score down to 260, getting 6 wickets. Our fielding was not the best and this is something that we can work on for future matches. We went in to bad and without anyone getting out, we scored 314 so won by 54 runs. Man of the match was Stanely for his excellent catch but the other boys also played well. Well done team on your batting and bowling but we must work on our fielding.

Jacob (Captain)

U9 Rounders v Downham Prep

On Wednesday 19th June, the U9 Rounders team played Downham Prep at home.

In the first innings, Downham scored 9 rounders and we got one player out at 2nd post. We scored 7½ rounders. Tabby was caught out and Kitty was stumped at 2nd post.

In the 2nd innings Downham scored 7 rounders giving them 16 in total. We went into bat needing 9 rounders to win. We had a great innings with Tabby scoring 3 whole rounders and one half. Zoe and Orla scored one whole rounder each. Mia scored half, Orla and I scored two halves each and we scored 5 half rounders from no-balls. That made our total 18½. My ‘Girl of the Game’ is Orla for her brilliant hits and team spirit.

Well done team for winning the match.

Isabella (Captain)

Under 9s Girls Cricket

Well done to our girls who had a great afternoons cricket on Friday against Gresham’s with our Development team losing narrowly to Gresham’s B and C and our Competition side narrowly losing to Gresham’s B but beating Gresham’s C. Player of the day was Orla J for excellent all round cricket, especially in bowling a maiden over. Well done girls and thank you to Mr Jones for taking the Development team.

Mr Turner

Menu W/C 24.06.19

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Menu for W/C 24.06.19

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Headmaster’s Last Word – Week ending 14.06.19

I often consider myself to be in a fortunate position at Glebe as I can have a foot in two camps. Not only am I Headmaster, but also I have my two children as pupils here.
Now, this can have its downsides of course. Having to politely tell one of my children that ‘Daddy can’t watch you do rolly polys on my sofa right at this minute because he has an important meeting’ is always fun. Being called ‘Sir Daddy’ at home by mistake was, however, one of the highlights!
My experiences and those of Naomi as new parents here can often be very important in forming my opinion of the ethos the school has and the direction in which it is moving.
Let’s take the swimming gala today, for example, and swimming as a whole. When I saw the distance that the children had to race, I jokingly asked a colleague what our ‘anti drowning policy was’ as I had never seen my son swim that far. Of course, I was very proud of him when he managed that distance with no problem. I was just as proud to see all of the children having a chance to participate, at their level, with such enthusiasm and support from their friends and family.
Another example is with my daughter, who came up in assembly on Monday. The shy and timid young lady that she was at the start of the year in a similar situation was now gone, replaced by someone with confidence and ease. Again, I am as proud of the other children who I have seen come on a similar journey this term.
Of course, our academic profile is second to none. We have children every year getting prestigious scholarships to independent schools, wining national competitions and our tracking system ensures that each individual child reaches their potential.
In addition to that though, are those intangible things that I get to see first hand as a parent. Not just swimming, not just confidence in a once shy child, but that Glebe effect. It is all around us to see and it is something that whatever changes are made to improve the school, must be at the heart of what we do.
I can’t wait to show the school off again at tomorrow’s Open Day and I hope to see many of you there to meet our new uniform supplier.
Have a great weekend,
Louis Taylor

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Match reports week ending 07.06.19

Wednesday, 5th June

The ‘A’ team batted first and we scored lots of boundaries. Jaybe was the top scorer with 28 runs and Benjy, Freddie Kelsey and I all managed to get into the twenties as well. We scored 289 runs in total.

We fielded very well and Riddlesworth scored 235 runs but because they arrived late we didn’t have time to complete all our overs. The match therefore ended in a draw although I feel we were definitely the better team and would have won. My man of the match is Freddy Williamson for some great all-round play. Well done team!

Jacob (Captain)

The ‘B’ team fielded first and I managed to get two wickets and Luke got the other. Riddlesworth scored 305 runs in total.

We were not able to complete our match because of time restrictions but we batted well scoring 258 runs in our eight overs. Freddie Hawkins top scored with 26 runs including a huge six. We still had eight overs to bat and I am sure it would have been a very close game had we completed the match. We drew the game in the end.

Jack (Captain)

On Wednesday 5th June we played our first cricket match of the season against Riddlesworth Hall at home. I won the toss and chose to field first. We fielded and bowled well, with Kitty & Tabitha both getting a wicket. In total Riddlesworth Hall scored 324 runs.
After match tea it was our turn to bat. Everyone did well considering it was our first game and we were facing some under 11 players. Orla and Maddie deserve a special mention as they both scored boundaries. We scored 227 runs after 12 overs. Unfortunately we did not have time to play our final 12 overs and therefore we do not know who won the match.
I would suggest that we try to hit and run a bit more in our next match to increase our score.
Everyone played well but my girl of the game is Zoe for all round good play and her first match with us as at Glebe House School. Well played team.
Lily (Captain)

U11 Rounders – Gracie-Mae’s team

On Wednesday the 5th of June St Hugh’s came to play a rounders match. I won the toss and chose to field first. In this innings we weren’t that alert, and that let St Hugh’s score 9.5 rounders.

Then we went into bat. On the first ball I scored a whole rounder. Eliza also scored a whole rounder and Sydney scored two more. We also scored 12 half rounders, giving us a total of 10.

In the second innings St Hugh’s scored 10.5 rounders. Sydney did a great catch, getting one of the St Hugh’s players out. We came into bat and once again I scored a rounder on our first ball, Eliza scored another rounder and Sydney scored two rounders. Emily, Sydney and I each scored a half rounder and Shayla and Eliza scored two half rounders each. Wealso gained fivehalf rounders from no-balls and obstruction. In total we scored 10.5 rounders.

The final score was St Hugh’s 20, Glebe 20.5. A really close game, but a great win, well done girls!

My man of the match is Eliza for scoring 4.5 rounders and getting the St Hugh’s ‘Man of the Match’.

Gracie-Mae (Captain)

Match report

On Wednesday 5th June Glebe Under 10s played a 6 a-side kwik cricket match against Riddlesworth. We lost the toss and they chose to field first. We started well with Archie and Freddie who made 23 runs in 4 overs. Ferdi and Edward then added 40 runs in their overs and Will and myself made 17.
We bowled and fielded really well taking 9 wickets in total including some excellent catches. The final scores were Glebe 280 runs and Riddlesworth 195 runs. Well done team, my men of the match were Freddie G and Edward for great catches.

Match reports – Week ending 24.05.19

Wednesday, 22nd May

On Wednesday 22nd May the Glebe mixed team travelled to Thetford Grammar to play a game of kwik cricket. We lost the toss and they chose to field first. The first batting pair was Benjy and Giovanni. Benjy was the top scorer with 25 runs. Next Sammy and I batted but unfortunately we lost wicket. I would like to mention Eliza and Scarlett who worked really hard despite losing a few wickets. We scored 302 runs.

When we fielded we were very sharp and got an amazing wicket from Tabby. It all came down to the last over when we were still leading but unfortunately Thetford just came out on top, managing to score 309 runs. It was a very close match and my two girls of the game were Scarlett and Eliza for their ongoing effort. Well done team.


Match reports – Week ending 17.05.19

Under 11 kwik cricket vs Gresham’s A and B teams

On Wednesday the 15th May, Glebe U11 girls travelled to Gresham’s to play a kwik cricket match.

First we played there B team. I lost the toss and we batted first. We played really well scoring 51 runs including quite a few boundaries.
Next we fielded which we also did very well in and Emelia bowled a batsman out.
The final score was 274 – 251 to Gresham’s but for out first cricket match of the season.

Then we played Gresham’s C team, we batted first scoring 49 runs including Eliza’s 2 boundaries.
Next we fielded, Gracie-Mae and Scarlett bowled a batsman out each and I ran a batsman out.
This game was really close and we only lost by 6 runs.
My man of the match is Eliza for scoring 2 boundaries and all round excellent play.
Well done team.


U13 Girls Cricket v Gresham’s

The U13 girls travelled to Gresham’s for our first hard ball match of the season. I won the toss and chose to field first. We were playing kwik cricket with a hard ball so everyone did batting and bowling in pairs. Alice got us off to a great start getting a wicket and Gresham’s only scored 4 runs from her 2 overs. All the other girls bowled well with Thaleia, Livi and Kitty also getting wickets. Gresham’s scored 267 in total.

After match tea it was our turn to bat. Gresham’s bowled a lot of wide balls in the first few overs but we still managed to accumulate quite a few runs. Myself and Livi were the top scoring partnership and with our 4th pair of Kitty and Lily performing strongly, we finished on 270 runs so we won by 3 runs.

Well done team, it was a great performance and we will keep improving. My Girl of the Game is Alice for being strong in both bowling and batting.

By Daisy (Captain)

Wednesday 15th May U13 Cricket vs St Hugh’s

On Wednesday 15th May Glebe U13 boys played a match against St Hugh’s, I won the toss and chose to field first. We did come good bowling and Ethan and I opened the wicket. Then it was Jonny and he did some great bowling and in the second over got a wicket. We also had Archie Rowe and Theo Dix playing with us, and they both got us two wickets each. With some great stops from Matthew, we finished in the innings with their score at 86 runs with 6 out.
If we batted well we knew we could get to their score. Our opening batsmen were Joel and Tate. Tate got bowled and then Jack came in and for his second match and got out. It was then me into bat and Joel got bowled out on three. I was then into bat with Ethan, we were working well as a team but then Ethan got bowled out and I got caught. Well done to Archie, Theo and Josh for a good first U13s match.
A decent performance by some of our players but we must remember to move our feet when we play a shot.
My Man of the Match is Archie for bowling really well and taking two wickets.

Ned (Captain)

Wednesday, 15th May

Town Close won the toss and chose to bat. We got two wickets, one from the bowling of Freddy Williamson – Freddie Hawkins took a great catch to dismiss one of their batsmen. Sadly our fielding was not very good and they managed to get 377 runs. However, on the bright side Jaybe and Freddie K batted very well. Jaybe was the top scorer with 17 runs including three boundaries. We lost the match by 157 runs. My man of the match is Freddie H for his great catch.

Jacob (Captain)

U9 Rounders Match Report
Glebe House School v Downham Prep
Wednesday 15th May

We won the toss and chose to field first. Tabby was doing some great bowls which the opposition were struggling to hit. Our fielding was good and Maddie managed to stump someone out on third post. In the first innings Downham managed to get four rounders.
It was then our turn to bat. Issy and Lily both scored whole rounders and there were several half rounders from the rest of the team. At the end of the first batting innings we had scored seven, so we were in the lead.
In the second innings Isabella made some excellent play by managing to stump out two players at once whilst we were fielding. Downham went on to score three and a half rounders. When we came in to bat we again scored a total of seven.
The final result was therefore a win for Glebe with a score of fourteen rounders to seven and a half.
My girl of the game is Isabella for her great fielding and determination to do well in her first full match for Glebe.

By Orla