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About Glebe House

Giving children the very best start

Welcome to Glebe House School, where we strive to be everything a school should be. Our mission is simple: to prioritize each child’s individuality and nurture their unique strengths. With small class sizes, we ensure personalised attention and create an environment where every student can flourish.

We create an environment where students can truly grow and thrive, with the focus on their development and learning. Not bound by the National curriculum, our teachers are empowered to provide an engaging and meaningful educational experience for every student.

The School

Our ethos revolves around the growth, happiness, and safety of our students. From their early years in the Pre-Prep program to their remarkable achievements at 13+, where our eagles take flight to prestigious senior schools, we foster an environment that nurtures potential and unlocks possibilities.

But Glebe House School is more than just a place of education—it’s a vibrant community and an extended family. Our highly qualified teachers, dedicated nursery staff, and supportive professionals work collaboratively to provide the best education possible for every child.

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See a sample of school life

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The Community

When you become a part of our community, we invite you to join us as an active partner in your child’s education. Together, we strive for open communication, teamwork, and outstanding results.

Experience the Glebe House School difference, where academic excellence meets an inclusive and supportive environment. Join us in shaping the future, one remarkable student at a time.

Not just about learning

Experience an enriching journey beyond the classroom at Glebe House School with our dynamic After School Clubs. Each term, we offer a diverse range of activities to ignite personal interests and foster exploration.

From Gardening and Yoga to Cooking, Lego, Games & Puzzles, and Pottery, our clubs cater to varied passions. Led by experienced professionals and familiar faces, these engaging sessions create lasting memories. Plus, our free Learning Ladybirds club provides a relaxed environment for low-key activities, ensuring convenience for busy families.

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At Glebe House School, safeguarding is our utmost priority. Our dedicated staff undergo rigorous training to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for all our pupils. We empower students to understand and protect themselves through age-appropriate discussions on emotional well-being, online safety, relationships, and more.

Our child-centered approach guides our comprehensive safeguarding systems, policies, and processes. We collaborate with local organizations and external agencies to offer support and guidance, ensuring early intervention and holistic care for our students and their families. Together, we create a culture of safety, equality, and well-being.

Wraparound Care

We understand the needs of busy parents and our comprehensive extended care program is designed to provide support and enrich your child’s day from start to finish. With a diverse range of after-school clubs and activities including sports, dance, art and crafts, chess, computing, cookery, and gardening, your child will have endless opportunities to explore their interests.

We also offer optional Prep sessions to assist with homework, followed by a delicious cooked meal, ensuring that when your child returns home, they can relax and cherish precious family moments. Experience peace of mind knowing that your child is well-cared for and making the most of their time at Glebe House School.

Shaped by our values

Kindness sets the tone for our community, guided by our values, we uplift one another, fostering positive behaviour and creating a safe, supportive environment. With small class sizes and specialised teaching, we prioritise individual attention, nurturing each student’s academic and personal growth.

We empower our pupils to aim high, embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and never giving up. Our coastal location offers vast playing fields, beach access, and private woodlands, providing abundant opportunities for outdoor learning and environmental stewardship.

At Glebe, we champion equality, offering inclusive opportunities to all, celebrating diversity in gender, race, additional needs, and faith. Join us in shaping a brighter future together.

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“Our small class sizes and careful planning allow us to identify each child’s strengths and areas for development.”

“I am so pleased that my daughter stayed at Glebe until 13 as she had the maturity and self-confidence to handle a bigger senior school.”

“The teachers are very kind and encouraging. They are always trying to help us improve in whatever we are doing.”

“We are proud to be a school where happiness and wellbeing thrives under encouragement and exceptional pastoral care.”

“My son boards on a Wednesday night and for us its a ‘win-win’ situation, it gives him and us some freeedom and independence for that one night every week.”

“The best bit about being in reception is seeing my friends every day and having fun…”

“In the last five years 92% of Glebe pupils who applied for Scholarships to their Senior School of choice were successfully awarded them.”

“Since starting at Glebe, my son has gained in confidence and is maturing in to a fine young man.”

“You get to know and look after the pupils from all the other years really well, we are like one big family!”