Nursery Session Fees from September 2020 (per session)

Sessions times – min. of two per week 0-2 years 2-3 years 3-4 years
Morning session 8am – 1pm (plus £2.25 for cooked lunch or provide own packed lunch if funded) £35.70 £32.55 £32.55
Morning session for 2 year old funded 9am – 12noon n/a £16.60 n/a
Afternoon session – Short 1pm – 4pm £21.20 £19.55 £19.55
Afternoon session – Long 1pm – 6pm (plus £2.25 for cooked tea or provide own packed tea if funded) £33.60 £31.00 £31.00
All day – Short 8am – 4pm (plus £2.25 for cooked lunch if funded) £53.55 £49.35 £49.35
All day – Long 8am – 6pm (plus £4.50 for cooked lunch and tea or provide own meals if funded) £67.20 £61.95 £61.95
Additional hours can be booked subject to availability @ £8.00
£8.00 p/hr £8.00 p/hr

Our ‘OUTSTANDING’ nursery has extra places available in all years including Government funded 2,3 & 4 year olds – Subject to session availability.

Please contact the Registrar Tamzine Fraulo or the Nursery Manager Susie Pull for more information

School Term Fees from September 2020 (per term)

Glebe is for everyone. Means tested bursaries may be available so please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more: [email protected]

Pre-Prep Reception, Div I and Div II   £2,830 per term
Prep School Div III – VIII     £4,520 per term

Please note that at Pre-Prep the fee includes supervised care from 8.30am – 4.10pm and at Prep level from 8.20am – 6.30pm.  The fees also includes meal costs, text and library books, school stationery, art & design materials, scientific materials and games apparatus.

Sibling discount – During the period when more than one child from a family is in the school (Prep and Pre-Prep), a 5% discount on standard fees will be provided in respect of the second and subsequent children.

Additional charges

SpLD fees charged in advance per session – One to one sessions @ £24.58 paired or group @ £12.42

Activities such as trips, outings, tennis, golf, individual music and dance incur additional charges.

Minibus – The charges for the provision of the minibus to bring children to and from school is dependent on pick-up points and the number of journeys booked each week, these charges are detailed on a separate booking form available on request from the school office

Fee Recovery Scheme – This is an optional insurance scheme that protects you against absence due to illness at a cost of 1.05% of the final fee payable to the school. Details available separately form the School Business Manager.

Fee accounts are payable in advance prior to the start of term for the period they relate. Interest on overdue fees in addition to administration costs may be added if payments are not made on time at the rate of 2% above the bank base rate. A pupil may be excluded if fees remain unpaid. A full terms notice is required in writing should you wish to withdraw a child from the school or make changes to boarding or bus arrangements. For detailed charges for boarding please contact the school office.