Reception and Pre-Prep Journey


Building foundations and gaining confidence.

At Glebe, we understand the importance of early education. Small class sizes enable us to create a positive environment where children thrive and develop a love for learning. After school, children can explore a wide range of exciting hobbies. Playtimes offer ample opportunities for fun and friendship, both inside and outside classrooms. Our Playground sparks imaginative play, while the playing fields and swimming pool encourage active ball games, swimming and running.


Children embark on their educational journey at Glebe House School by joining our vibrant Reception class in September after their fourth birthday. For those transitioning from our Nursery, the summer term provides a perfect opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

With a focus on personalized attention and small class sizes throughout Pre-Prep, we prioritize exceptional pastoral care tailored to each child’s unique needs. Our curriculum in Reception is built upon a strong foundation encompassing essential skills like reading, numeracy, and letter formation, aligning with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


Our uniform is smart, just like our children! Available to order online and with a lot of it from high street shops, we look distinctive, well-dressed and well-presented in lessons both in and out of the classroom.


Division I and II

As the year progresses, children engage in a variety of enriching activities, from group singing and culinary adventures to outdoor learning, all designed to foster their holistic growth and achievement of EYFS goals. Additionally, our young learners delve into a diverse range of subjects, including French, Art/DT, and PE, benefiting from the expertise of our specialist staff.

In Division I the children will experience more structured class time and the further introduction of more advanced written work. Should your child need additional support, our SEND department can provide support to ensure progress is made and difficulties are addressed. In Division II, children enjoy an early taste of responsibility as they are encouraged to help younger children during lunch, which is served in the school dining room.

Our small class sizes and careful planning allow us to identify each child’s strengths and areas for development.

School Houses

Even at this early stage, children become a member of one of the school’s three ‘houses’ – L’Estrange Barbers and St Edmund’s – developing involvement and participation and of course, healthy competition, at an early age.

After the school day finishes children are welcome to enjoy a variety of activities including sports, arts and craft and dance. Wraparound care in the form of our Teatime Club is available if required for all Pre-Prep children.

Discover the Happy School

Take a tour of our school, where happiness and wellbeing thrive. See for yourself the excellent educational opportunities we have to offer.

“Our small class sizes and careful planning allow us to identify each child’s strengths and areas for development.”

“I am so pleased that my daughter stayed at Glebe until 13 as she had the maturity and self-confidence to handle a bigger senior school.”

“The teachers are very kind and encouraging. They are always trying to help us improve in whatever we are doing.”

“We are proud to be a school where happiness and wellbeing thrives under encouragement and exceptional pastoral care.”

“My son boards on a Wednesday night and for us its a ‘win-win’ situation, it gives him and us some freeedom and independence for that one night every week.”

“The best bit about being in reception is seeing my friends every day and having fun…”

“In the last five years 92% of Glebe pupils who applied for Scholarships to their Senior School of choice were successfully awarded them.”

“Since starting at Glebe, my son has gained in confidence and is maturing in to a fine young man.”

“You get to know and look after the pupils from all the other years really well, we are like one big family!”