Match reports – Week ending 01.02.19

On the 1st Feburary Glebe under 9’s hockey team went to Wisbech for a triangular tournament against Gresham’s and Wisbech.

Before the tournament started we played three short 4-a-side matches against Gresham’s, we won two 3-0 and 6-0 and lost the other 3-0. Jaybe scored all 9 goals! Fantastic effort Jaybe!

In the main tournament we played Gresham’s and lost 2-0. We then played Wisbech and lost 2-0. Although we lost both games the team played with real spirit and defended well, a particular mention to Jacob for excellent defending. My man of the match is Benjy, he was everywhere and worked really hard.

We can improve by looking to find space to move into.

Well done team.


U13 Netball v Moreton Hall

On Wednesday the 30th of January, the Glebe U13 girls travelled to Moreton Hall for a netball match. We started off the match feeling cold but we soon warmed up because they were a fast team and we had to work hard to intercept the ball. After a few minutes they had scored 2 goals and we scored 1 by Daisy. Later in the match they had scored 2 goals and we scored 1. At half time the score was 4-2 to them. In the second half of the match Moreton Hall came back with a lot of determination and they were good at getting into spaces. Thaleia and Alice were great at defending and intercepting the ball but by the end of the match the score was 9-3 to Moreton Hall. My man of the match is Thaleia for amazing interception. Well done girls.

Olivia-Rose (Captain)

U11 Netball v Moreton Hall

On Wednesday the 30th of January Glebe under 11s travelled to Moreton Hall to play a netball match. I won the toss and chose first centre pass.
We started well but Moreton Hall were very quick and they intercepted the ball and scored. Then we pulled it back and got the ball into our third and Annabel scored.
We were trying to pass the ball over their heads but they intercepted, gained possession of the ball and scored again. We equalized soon afterwards.
After a quick team talk from Miss P we started the second half. We were getting tired and let Moreton Hall score 4 more goals but with a giant push we got the ball into our third and Mabel scored.
The end score was 6-3 to them. We did really well but next time we need to make shorter, quicker passes.
My man of the match is Shayla for some amazing interceptions and all round great play in her first Netball match.

Sydney (Captain)

Issue 15 – Diversity is key

Firstly, I’d like to thank all of those parents who over the past two weeks have given me feedback on the sports and food at Glebe. We always looking at building on what we do well here, as well as improving what we can, so watch this space for more news on these areas soon.

We have been so lucky to welcome our Chinese visitors this week. I have been very proud of how kind and considerate our children have been towards our guests, in addition to being impressed with how well our visitors have settled into Glebe life.

Understanding different cultures and displaying tolerance for those different from us is something that I believe every child should be brought up to do. Racism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination are all too prevalent, in my opinion, filtering back into our society. You don’t have to look at social media for too long before you see foul and abusive comments made towards someone because of their race, religion or sexuality.

Of course, no child is born racist. Behaviours such as racism and hatred towards people are learned by children, through the fear and ignorance of those around them. It is our job as educators, as parents, as carers, to guide our children to an understanding of what is right, how we should act to one another and how finding common ground is a much better way than finding differences.

For this reason, at Glebe we will always welcome pupils, parents, visitors and guests from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all faiths and none. I strongly believe, that if our next generation is going to improve the world in which we live, that they will do it with, not against, each other. That is the message that we will always work hard to share with our pupils.

Have a good weekend,

Match reports – Week ending 25.01.19

Under 11 Netball vs Hethersett Old Hall

On Wednesday the 25th of January Glebe under 11 girls travelled to Hethersett to play a netball match.
When we arrived we found out we could only play 5 minute halves because we were playing back-to-back with the U9s in their sportshall and they had to be finished by 3.45pm.
We started off well with us quickly getting the ball into our third and Mabel scoring. We were obviously the stronger team and we managed to score 7 goals, 5 by Mabel and 2 by Annabel.

After the first half we changed the team, took Mabel off and started the second half.
We did let the ball into their third once but with good spacing we scored 4 more, 3 by Maisie and one incredible goal by Annabel who was 3metres away from the net and scored on the final whistle.

My man of the match is Annabel for her amazing goal and all round incredible play. Next time we need to make more accurate passing but an amazing performance, well done team.

Sydney (captain)

Netball – Under 9s Vs Downham

On the 23rd January Glebe under 9 girls played a netball match against Downham.
The match seemed fairly even, but Downham couldn’t seem to get the ball in the net, even though they had chances.
We all had to play different positions that we weren’t used to as Tabby was absent from school. Considering this I think we all did well.
The final score was 4 -1 to Glebe.
We need to think hard when we get the ball and only pass to unmarked players.
My girl of the game is Orla for working hard and scoring 3 of our 4 goals.


U13Netball v [email protected] Taverham

On Wednesday the 23d of January, the U13 girls travelled to Taverham for a netball match. They were a strong team and we started off the match slowly. They did some good passing and by the end of the quarter the score was 4-0 to them. In the second quarter we knew we had to work extra hard and intercept the ball, so at the end of that quarter we managed to score 2 goal and they scored 1. At half time the score was 5-2 to them. At the start of the third quarter, we got faster with our passing and we scored 3 more goals and they scored 1. In the last quarter we were determined to score and win, but they had more energy and they scored 2 more goals. My man of the match is Alice for great intercepting and determination.

Olivia (Captain)

Issue 14 – Week ending 18.01.2019

It’s been another busy week at Glebe – I know I always say that – but it is always so great to see so many different activities, lessons and experiences going on for our Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep students.

One of the strengths of our school has always been the amount of time we set aside for exercise and physical education. In Nursery, the children are very often to be found running (or crawling) around outside and going for walks around the grounds. In Pre-Prep and then more so in Prep, the sounds of children running around and having fun, whilst improving technique and skill is never far away.

Over the years I have taught in different types of schools with different approaches to the competitive side of sport. The first school I worked in was a state school where we would play football, netball, ‘kwik’ cricket and the occasional tag rugby fixture – but the onus was very much on lessons rather than fixtures and teaching the composite skills of most sports such as agility, flexibility and just generally ensuring that the children took enough exercise.

More recently, the school I last worked in before Glebe was more focused on competitive games, with A, B and C teams – with the A team playing more fixtures than the others. Those that weren’t selected to play in fixtures were instead in Games lessons learning the skills they need to improve their game.

At Glebe, I have enjoyed watching fixtures and I can sense the enjoyment, comradery and lessons that each child gains from taking part. In Games lessons where fixtures do not take place, pupils of all abilities gain valuable practice time and experience with our dedicated and talented Games and PE staff.

Once again, I would really welcome your opinions on how we approach competitive fixtures at Glebe now and how we might change it in the future, if we need to at all. I’m interested on your thoughts on how matches are approached – do we have too many, or not enough? Should matches be the best players regardless of age group, or all of the available players in each year group? I will start this process by asking this week in the newsletter – to be followed up by a questionnaire on this and the food provision in the coming weeks. You can email me here with your thoughts – whatever age group your child is – Nursery, Pre-Prep or Prep.

I know that many of your children will be taking part in sporting events this weekend – good luck to them – and good luck to you, standing on the sidelines trying not to freeze!

Have a great weekend

Match Reports – Week ending 18.01.19

Glebe U9 girls played netball against Riddlesworth on Wednesday.

They got a great start and at the end of the first quarter we were losing 5-0.
In the second quarter Orla scored 1 and Riddlesworth scored 1, making the half time score 6-1 to Riddlesworth.
No one scored in the third quarter and Riddlesworth scored one more before the final whistle went.
We lost the match 7-1.
We have not played much netball yet but we made good progress during the game and our marking got a lot better.
My girl of the game is everyone. Well done girls. Keep trying!


Under 11 football v Fairstead House

On Wednesday 9th January the Under 11 football team took on Fairstead House at home. We started well and passed the ball up front to Freddie who scored a goal. We continued to be in charge of the game and soon it was 2-0 with Freddie scoring again. After half-time Edward and I scored but we stopped defending well and they scored two quick goals. After a really good move Freddie then scored our fifth and final goal, a score of 5-2.
My Men of the Match were Freddie and Edward.

Theo – Captain

Wednesday, 9th January

I won the toss and chose to start. We began well and put them under a lot of pressure. Jaybe scored two good goals and Freddy Williamson defended brilliantly. At half-time the score was 2-0 to us.
We started the second half well with Jaybe completing his hat trick with a tremendous strike from a free-kick. Unfortunately Fairstead then scored a goal as we pushed up too much and only had one player back in defence. I then intercepted a goal kick and scored our fourth goal. Stanley made a good save late in the game. The final score was 4-1 to us.
We all played really well but my man of the match is Freddy Williamson for his great defending. Well done team!

Benjy (Captain)

Wednesday, 16th January

There were three teams taking place in the football tournament, two from Glebe and one from Riddlesworth. The Glebe Panthers were captained by Sammy and I was captain of the Tigers.

The first match was Riddlesworth v the Panthers. It was a very entertaining match with both teams trying hard. The final score was 4-1 to the Panthers with Jaybe scoring a hat-trick just like he did last week. Congratulations to Freddie Kelsey for scoring the other goal – his first for Glebe.

The Tigers then played Riddlesworth and this proved to be a very close game with chances at both ends. I managed to score the only goal of the game.

It was all down to the final match of the tournament – the Panthers v the Tigers. This was another very close match which ended in a 0-0 draw. This meant that the Panthers won the tournament on goal difference, the Tigers were second and Riddlesworth came third.

Well done everyone who played!

Benjy (Captain)