Match reports – week ending 15.02.19

U10 Football v Downham Prep on Friday 15 Feb 2019

We started off well playing the ball around and soon I scored. Then followed by a great ball in from Edward, and Will scored. As the first half went on we scored another three goals, 2 from me and 1 from Edward. It was pretty unfair for Downham, we were the stronger team, so in the second half we rotated our strong players on and off the pitch.
In the second half we had one less player and Downham played a lot better, but we still scored again with a goal from Freddie M. Soon after we conceded a penalty and they scored despite a good effort in goal from Giovanni. Again we got a chance and I scored. In the last few minutes Will scored another 2 goals.
Overall I scored 4, Will 3, Freddie M 1 and Edward 1. The final score was 9-1 to us.
My men of the match are Will for a great hattrick and Harry for a great all round performance.
Well done team!

U13 Netball v Beeston Hall
On Wednesday the 13th of February, Glebe travelled to Beeston Hall for an U13 netball match. We started the first quarter really well, with quick passes and good intercepting. By the end of the quarter Thaleia and I had scored 6 goals and Beeston had scored 2. In the second quarter we continued playing really well and we scored another 6 goals and they scored 1. In the third quarter we switched positions to make the teams more even. Alice came off and Lily was Goal Shooter. In that quarter, I scored 1 and they scored 2. In the last quarter Emily had a go as Shooter and she and Thaleia work really well together scoring 3 goals. The final score was 16-5 to us. My man of the match is Emily for great intercepting and trying a new position.

Olivia (Captain)

U11 Netball v Town Close
On Wednesday 13th February Town Close travelled to Glebe to play a netball match. They won the toss and chose first centre pass.
We started slowly letting Town Close get the ball and score. The rest of the quarter was repetitive and by the end of the quarter it was 6-0 to Town Close.
In the second quarter we were finding more spaces and using quicker more accurate passes and managed to let Mabel score 2 goals. With some tight defending we didn’t concede any.
In the 3rd and 4th quarters we were getting tired and let Town Close score a further 7 goals and end the match 13- 2 to Town Close.
Next time we need to find better spacing. My man of the match is Eliza for always being in space and all round great play. Well done team.
Sydney (Captain)

Tuesday, 12th February

On the I2th February the Under 9 hockey team went to Town Close in Norwich for a hockey match. We started off well not letting any goals in and Freddie Kelsey and Jaybe made some great forward runs. At half-time it was 0-0.

In the second half we did a few good runs but our defence was not very good and they managed to score four goals. Unfortunately we lost the match by 4 goals to nil. We do need to improve our defence. My man of the match is Freddie Kelsey for some great runs and showing a lot of effort. Well done team!


Our U11 boys gave a great account of themselves in playing against Gresham’s U11C and Wisbech Grammar U11C in a hockey triangular, drawing against Gresham’s 0-0 and beating Wisbech 3-0. Goals were by Theo, Will and Edward with the latter getting man of the match and Giovanni keeping a clean sheet as goal keeper in both matches. Well done on a super performance boys!

Match reports

Under 11 Hockey triangular

On Wednesday we travelled to St Hughs to play a triangular. Our first
match was against Burton Hathow and although we were fairly switched on
and scored an early goal (Jonny), they equalised just before the end of
the half. In the second half, I am not quite sure what happened, but we
were we obviously not alert and they took advantage scoring another 5
goals. The final score was 6-1. Next we played the hosts St Hughs and
urged on by Mr Turner’s team talk we were a lot more committed all
around the field so this was a much closer fought game. St Hughs scored
1 goal in each half and we scored 1 (Theo). Although a loss it was a
much better game for us and Mr Turner was a bit happier with our
performance. We really must all concentrate from the first whistle to
the last as this has been our downfall so far this season. I would award
man of the match to Theo for scoring a goal and for a good amount of
energy in both matches.

Under 11 Hockey v Beeston

On 30th January, Beeston sent their A team to Glebe on a cold afternoon.
We knew it would be a tough one as two of our players were off sick and
Beeston are always a top opposition. In the first half we were not
really switched on particularly in the midfield which meant we didn’t
commit. They on the other hand were switched on, and their commitment
and skills allowed them to score 5 goals to our 1. After an encouraging
but firm team talk when Mr Turner reminded us to keep our sticks down we
entered the second half. We all played a lot better and Ferdie scored
our second and third goals which was an improvement. They however scored
another 3 so the final score was 8-3. We played well but next time we
need to work on being switched on from the first whistle and really take
the game to the opposition. Ferdie was man of the match for his 3 goals
and the energy he brought to the match.


U11 Hockey v Langley

The U11 boys travelled to Langley for the first hockey match of the
season. We were all excited . Giovanni who had never played hockey in
his life was in goal and did a great job! In the first half we weren’t
really switched on and allowed them to score a goal. Poor old Archie had
to to go off for a while when his head got in the way of a stick.
Giovanni made a couple of amazing saves and the first half finished 1-0
to Langley. At half time Mr Turner gave us an encouraging team talk and
told us to be less passive and attack more. We started the second half
with hope in our hearts that if we got a wiggle on we could still save
the match. After a few close calls Will finally scored and so he was
rightly awarded man of the match. The match finished as a one all draw.
A good start to the season. Well done team. P.S Archie’s head is OK!


U11 Netball v St Hugh’s

On Wednesday the 6th of February Glebe under 11 girls travelled to St Hugh’s to play a netball match.
We started well getting the ball into our third and scoring, but St Hugh’s quickly scored 3 goals. We scored again making the score 3-2 to them.
In the second quarter we pushed hard and Annabel scored another goal and we only let St Hugh’s score 1.
After a quick team talk from Miss Donpon we started the second half. We were losing focus and let St Hugh’s score a further 3 goals and ended the match 7-3 to them.
My man of the match is Annabel for scoring our 3 goals and all round amazing play. Well done team.

Sydney (Captain)

U13 Netball v Town Close

On Wednesday the 6th of February, Glebe U13 girls travelled to Town Close for a netball match. We lost the toss and they took first centre pass. We started off the match really well with some good passing and determination, but unfortunately they were a very strong team and were very quick. The score at the end of the first quarter was 6-1 to them. In the second quarter we continued to work hard and tried to intercept the ball, but they did some good passes and managed to score 7 more goals, making the half time score 13 – 1 to them. In the third quarter we continued to work hard and managed to score another goal. Town Close scored 5 more. We had to cut the final quarter short because of some injuries so the final score was 18 – 2. My ‘Man of the Match’ was Elise for getting into space and dodging.
Well played team.

Olivia-Rose (Captain)

Issue 16 – A voice is a wonderful thing

A voice is a wonderful thing to have. It can be loud, soft, tuneful, or a combination of those things. In our assembly on Wednesday with the Prep School, we learned all about how important our voice can be for standing up for what is right.

The children were learning about the Holocaust, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. We discussed why it was important to learn about things like that that make us sad – so that we can work hard to make sure that hatred and discrimination does not ever again cause such evil as it did in Germany in WWII, in Rwanda, in Darfour, in Cambodia.

Here is a link to a video that, due to technical issues, did not play in assembly. Perhaps you can share it with your children this weekend? It is suitable for all ages:

The main lesson to take away from the assembly was that we must all use our voice for good; it can be there to call out when something is unfair, something is unkind, or something is not right, or to call for help.

As Headmaster, I believe that our pupils should understand how important it is to use their voice to stand up for what is right. This starts in nursery, where we encourage our children to follow golden rules and to tell a grown up if something is wrong. It continues right through the school, with our older children getting to understand that they don’t have to be a bystander if something happens that they don’t think follows our ‘Glebe five-a-day’.

As parents, I’m sure this is a message you already share with your children. Please continue to talk to your children about this message, as I know you will be doing already – about using their voice for good, to stand up for others, to stand up for themselves and to share with adults they trust if something is not OK.

I hope you all have a restful and peaceful – and not too cold – weekend!