Match reports – Week ending 29.03.19

U11 Netball Tournament at Queen Margaret School

On Friday the 22nd of March, Glebe under 11 girls travelled to Queen Margaret’s to play in a netball tournament.

We first played Belmont Grosvenor which we won 5-0.

Then we played St Pius X Prep School which we also won 3-2.

Our final match of the morning was the hardest. We were playing Queen Margaret’s who were very tall and were a year older than us. They won 5-3 but we played very well.

As we won two of our matches we were in the cup competition which was the best.
We played Cargilfield School, Barnard Castle and Grantham Prep. We lost all of them but I am so proud of the whole team as we came 4th in the whole tournament.

Well done at team.

Sydney (Captain)

U11 Netball v King’s, Ely

On Wednesday the 27th of March Kings, Ely travelled to Glebe to play an U11 Netball match. They won the toss and chose first Centre pass. We were missing Sydney so we had Shayla and Maisie in defence and Eliza and Scarlett as subs. We started off well and got the ball into the circle and I scored 3 goals but Kings Ely were strong and managed to score 4 goals. In the second quarter we got into good spaces and scored 2 goals, 1 by me and one by Annabel and with good defence we only let one in making the score 5 all. In the third quarter we were playing really well and scored 3 goals by me but Ely were strong and they scored four. In the final quarter we did really well getting into spaces and doing good passes but unfortunately they managed to score 1 goal making the final score 8-10 to them. Everyone played really well and we have improved a lot since the start of the season but my man of the match is Shayla for picking up a new skill and playing really well in defence. Well done team.

Mabel (Captain)

U13 Netball v King’s, Ely

On Wednesday 27th March, King’s, Ely travelled to Glebe for a Netball match. We started the first quarter slowly and kept losing possession of the ball. They were a very strong team and really fast, but we carried on and tried hard. Unfortunately Alice wasn’t able to play, so several people played were playing in different positions and it took us a little while to gel as a team. At the end of the quarter the score was 1 – 5 to them. In the second quarter we continued to try hard and managed to score 2 more goals. Despite great effort from the defence, particularly Emily who was playing Goal Defence, King’s managed to score 6 more goals, bringing the half time score to 3 – 11 to them.
After half time we came back really determined. We scored 4 goals and King’s scored 3 in the third quarter. In the last quarter we were all getting really tired but we carried on and scored 1 more goal and they scored 4. The final score was 7 – 18 to them.

Olivia (Captain)

Under 9 Football vs Downham Prep

On Wednesday, the 27th of March the Glebe under nine team went to Downham prep to play football. Downham won the toss and got off to a strong start with many strikes at goal which Freddie Hawkins did well to save. We tried hard in the first Half too but the moment of the match came when Matthew Piggot scored an amazing goal with a huge kick from inside our half. The score at half-time was one all.

After a positive Team Talk from Mr Whitehill we really got stuck in in the second half. There were many shots at goal from Stanley, Matthew and Freddie Hawkins but we were unlucky and didn’t quite manage to score. Downham had many shots at goal too and Sammy made an amazing save by flicking the ball over the crossbar with the tip of his fingers. The final score was 3-1 to Downham.
My man of the match was Matthew Piggot for his amazing goal. Well done to all the team we just need to work on our defence and support in the next match.

Jack (captain)

Mr Taylor’s Final Word – Week Ending 22nd March 2019

If I can cast your minds back to two Thursdays ago, the school was enjoying World Book Day. Everyone was dressed up and ready to go – including me, dressed as Where’s Wally. I was having breakfast with some of the boarding pupils when our Business Manager, Paul, came in to find me. Funnily enough – he couldn’t at first (it must have been a great costume!)

The reason he had come to find me was because we had been informed that ISI would be arriving in half an hour for an unannounced check up, after our last inspection.

You will remember, no doubt, that we had a wonderful result in our last ISI inspection. The children and staff showed in a few days the true essence of the Nursery and Main School to achieve Outstanding and Excellent across the board. You can read our Inspection report HERE if you would like to refresh your memory.

At the Inspection in October, the Inspectors found one or two things that we needed to work on in respect of the compliance rules for schools. I am delighted to say that on their unannounced visit ISI gave us a clean bill of health on everything. You can read the read the updated report on our website HERE and it will be emailed to everyone next week.

The positivity surrounding Glebe at the moment is something you can almost reach out and touch. We have a total so far of eight new pupils starting with us after Easter, across different year groups, and I am supremely confident that we will do what we always do in making those families feel welcome and a part of our wonderful school.

A pupil who came for a taster day this week wrote a letter to the school. In it, she wrote:

“I wish I could stay for the week, I love this school so much. I love the Glebe and all my lovely new friends.”

This school truly is special. From the parents, to the staff, pupils and entire extended family, I unashamedly say once more how proud I am to be the Headmaster of this school.

Have a great, relaxing and hopefully sunny weekend,

Louis Taylor

Match reports – Week ending 22.03.19

U13 Netball Tournament at Norwich School
On Wednesday 20th March Glebe U13 netball team travelled to Norwich School for a tournament against 3 Norwich High School teams, Norwich School and Wymondham college. The scores were 3-3 against Norwich High School 1, 3-1 to us against Norwich School, 3-5 to them against Wymondham college, 3-0 to us against Norwich High School 3 and 6-0 to us against Norwich High School 2. Overall we came second out off five teams in our category. We played really well and worked extremely hard to intercept the ball. Emily worked really hard intercepting the ball and got the most valuable player in the U13 category. Thaleia and Daisy also work really well and got some great goals. My man of the match is Emily for great playing and effort. Well done girls.

Olivia (Captain)

U10 Football v Riddlesworth – Wednesday 20 March 19

Expecting to play in a Triangular, instead Riddlesworth brought out a team of Year 6 and 7 boys and the third team didn’t arrive. In the first game, despite them having an older team, we played really well as a team. Jaybe put in a great free kick and Edward scored. Followed by 5 more from me. After being awarded a penalty, Jaybe scored. We played really well in this game, we kept the ball on the ground and passed it around well. We had some good build ups to goals. Riddlesworth scored one goal, closing at 7-1 to us.
In the second game, Riddleworth brought out their Year 7s and they were the stronger team. We played well when we had the ball. After some good defending by Archie and Ferdi we managed to get the ball up the pitch and Freddie M scored. Riddlesworth had some great chances towards the end. Some good saves from Benji kept it 1-0 to us. Well done team for a strong defence, the score line could have been very different.
My joint man of the match is Jaybe for his excellent performance all round and Benji for his brilliant goal keeping in the second game.


Under 11s Hockey vs Greshams

As this was a Division 6 match we fielded a mixed side against an all boys team from Greshams on Wednesday 20th. We played well in the first half especially considering we rarely practice together . Theo scored the first goal and then Jonny scored twice and at the end of the first half we were leading 3 goals to 2. In the second half, they got the upper hand and showed some really good skills so even though Jonny scored again along with Mabel, they got 5 goals past us and the final score was 7- 5 to them. My man of the match was Gracie Mae who made some really good runs and never seemed to run out of energy. Well done team.

Charlie P

Last word – Week ending 15.03.19

A famous quote from the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato states: Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

We have enjoyed quite a musical week here at Glebe. Of course, we have had the usual music lessons, Hartbeeps and sound exploration that make up part of our Nursery and School curriculum. Pupils have been enjoying their individual music lessons too, with piano, clarinet, drums and singing to name but a few.

On Wednesday, the Prep School enjoyed a hymn practice, with two very different songs as a focus. Firstly, we looked at a song called ‘Wake Up’ where the children were encouraged to dance, shake their bodies and give a friend a thumbs up. I think I even caught one or two of the Div VIIIs joining in! We also spent some time working on the school song, On Eagles’ Wings. We have so many new pupils with us that it is important that they all have a chance to hear and learn our wonderful, defining hymn.

Finally, today was the chance for us to hear many outstanding performances at our informal concert. From the children that have only had one or two lessons, to the more experienced and able performers, it was as usual a fantastic way to end the week – with the imagination, charm and gaiety of which Plato spoke clear for everyone to enjoy.

I hope that this weekend you have a chance to listen to some music that you like. It may be Beethoven, Girls Aloud or Baby Shark – whatever your music of choice, there is nothing better than having a dance, singing a song with your family and giving wings to your mind. Actually – I’m not too sure about Baby Shark but you get the picture!

Have a great weekend,

Louis Taylor 

Match reports – week ending 08.03.19

Well done to our U13 boys hockey team who beat St Hugh’s U13B 2-1 and lost narrowly to their U13A 2–0. Ethan and were the goal scorers and it by far their best performances of the season. Well done everyone but my man of the match goes to Ned for a superb effort in both games.

U13 Netball v St Hugh’s
On Wednesday the 6th of March Glebe U13 girls travelled to St Hugh’s for a netball match. We started the match playing really well and working hard. They were a good team and we had to try and intercept the ball a lot and by the end of the first quarter the score was 3-2 to us. In the second quarter we continued to work hard and pass the ball and Thaleia and I worked well and scored another 5 goals. In the third quarter we scored 4 more goals and they scored one. The score was 12-3 to us. In the last quarter we were very tired but we carried on and Thaleia scored another 2 goals and they scored 4. The final score was 14-7 to us. My man of the match is Thaleia for getting into space and some great goals.

Olivia (Captain)

Under 11 football v Downham Prep

On Wednesday 6th March the Under 11s had a football match at home. We started well and Freddie scored our first goal. After some sloppy defending they equalised and then went 2-1 up. Just before half-time Freddie scored a great goal and it was 2-2 at half-time.
In the second half we switched off and they scored twice so at the end it was 4-2 to Downham. My man of the match was Giovanni for some great saves.

Theo – Captain.

Under 11 netball vs Beeston

On Wednesday 6th March, Glebe under 11s travelled to Beeston to play a netball match. We started well, getting the ball into our third and scoring, but Beeston quickly equalized. They were very fast and they scored another 3 goals in this quarter.

In the second quarter we tightened up our defence and were finding more spaces. Mabel scored the only 2 goals in this quarter.

At half time it was 4-3 to Beeston. We were very determined and were playing really well, only letting Beeston score 1 goal. Mabel scored 3, meaning that we had taken the lead.

In the last quarter we were getting tired and allowed Beeston to score 3 more goals. We only managed to score 1.

The final score was 8-7 to Beeston. We played incredibly well and my man of the match is Mabel for scoring our 7 goals. Well done team.


Mr Taylor’s Last Word – Week ending 1st February


Well, doesn’t half term seem so long ago? We arrived back for the second half of spring term but it felt more like summer with beautiful sunny skies and unseasonably warm weather.

Thank you to all of those parents who attended the e-safety chat on Thursday morning, and I hope everyone received the link to some useful websites that was sent over Parentmail. The key message from the talk was that as parents, we need to ensure that communication is open with our children, so that whatever they face either online or offline, they feel that they can tell us. On top of that, we should monitor what is going on in our children’s lives, again both online and offline – there was a link to some apps that can help us do the online part on the parentmail.

The school has been buzzing and busy this week, with our new pupils starting, different topics in lessons and of course with the children enjoying time outside in the sunshine. We had an assembly on Wednesday all about resilience. If your child is in the Prep school, ask them what a ‘squiggle’ is!

Earlier in the week, we appointed our brand new Catering Manager, Maria Piccioni. Maria has many years of experience working in schools and improving their food offering, providing healthy, fresh and nutritious food for children of all ages – moving away from processed products. We are excited to have her on board. Once she’s settled in, watch this space for a parent and child taster day, to give the opportunity to try out some new dishes and some improved old favourites.

I was delighted to share two things on our social media this week, with Philippa raising money for charity of her own volition and Kitty and Alice with their respective scholarship awards. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what is going on at Glebe – the link is at the bottom of this newsletter.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend

Louis Taylor

Match Reports – Week ending 01.03.19

Under 13 Mixed Hockey vs Beeston

On Tuesday 26th February a mixed Under 13 hockey team played a strong Beeston side. Beeston scored very early in the match and we never really recovered.
They continued to play well and despite our attempts, they scored several more goals. We had some chances but didn’t take them and the score was 5-0 at half time.
We played better in the second half but they scored more goals but we finished with a flourish with Daisy finally scoring. The final score was 9-1. My man of the match was Tate who volunteered to go in goal and made some good saves.


U13 Netball v Norwich School

On Wednesday the 27th of February Glebe U13 girls played a netball match against Norwich School. We started off the first quarter playing really well and trying our hardest. We got into spaces and kept possession of the ball, allowing us to score 4 goals and they didn’t score any. In the second quarter we continued playing really well and scored another 2 and they scored 1. In the third quarter we switched some positions and scored 2 more goals and they got 1. In the last quarter Alice and Emily played in defence really well, this allowed us to scored 3 more goals and they only scored 2 more. The final score was 11-4 to us. My man of the match is Alice for great passes and defence.

Olivia (Captain)

U11 Netball v Downham Prep

On Wednesday 27th February, Glebe U11 Netball team travelled to Downham Prep to play a match.
We started confidently, getting the ball into our third and letting Mabel score. We worked hard allowing Mabel and Annabel to score 2 more goals each and stopping Downham from scoring.
In the second quarter we changed some positions to even out the teams. Downham managed to score a goal and so did we.
At half time we changed the positions further. We were all playing in unfamiliar positions which threw us a bit. Downham scored a goal and we didn’t manage to score in this quarter.
In the final quarter we went back into our original positions and scored another 6 goals, 4 by Mabel and 2 by Annabel. We let 2 more in from Downham but we won the match 13 – 4.
We played incredibly well and my ‘Man of the Match’ is Eden.
Sydney (Captain)

Under 11 Netball v [email protected]

On Friday the 1st of March Glebe under 11s travelled to Langley, to play a netball match. Langley had 2 teams plus reserves and they played them against us in alternate quarters.
We started really well getting the ball into our third and letting Mabel score 3 goals. Langley quickly followed, scoring as well. The rest of the quarter was closely fought and by the end of the quarter the score was 6-5 to us.
In the second quarter Langley brought on their second team. We continued to play well but we were getting tired. We didn’t score any and let Langley score 3.
In the second half they brought on the first team again who were fresh from a rest and we weren’t. We tried hard but couldn’t score in this quarter and they scored 2 more.
In the final quarter we did a final push and scored 1 more by Mabel to end the match 10-7 to Langley. We played really well and my men of the match is the whole team for being resilient even though they always had a fresh team with lots of energy.
Well done team!

Sydney (Captain)

U9 Hockey vs Beeston

On 1st March, the U9 Hockey team went to Beeston for a tournament against Norwich, Langley, Beeston and Gresham’s.
First, we sat out for 2 games before we played. We played against Norwich first and drew 0:0 with some great opportunities from Jaybe but we unfortunately couldn’t score.
Next, we played Langley and won 2:0. Both Freddie Kelsie and Jaybe scored.
Then we played Beeston who we beat easily 3:0. Jaybe scored 2 of the goals and Benjy scored the other.
Next, we moved onto Gresham’s. This was the hardest game so we used all our might and managed to draw 1:1 with Jaybe scoring.
In the end we were runners up, coming 2nd to Gresham’s. Good effort team! To improve, we need to work on our passing.
My Man of the Match is Jaybe for scoring some great goals.


Friday 1st March

Netball – Glebe v Beeston
We started off well and within one minute I scored our first goal. We were very strong against the Beeston team as they were mostly from year 3. Kitty and I scored five more goals in the first quarter.
Miss Hubbard decided to swap around the positions to give Beeston a chance. Nina moved to GS and scored an amazing goal from the edge of the D. Savannah played GA and scored great goals in the second and third quarters.
In the final quarter Nina and Missy scored a goal each, making the final score an impressive 11-0. Everyone played very well in new positions.
My girl of the game is Nina for her great performance as GS and her amazing first goal.

By Orla J