A Fun Day Out at Park Farm

On the bright morning of Tuesday, 19th March, Glebe House School Pre Prep embarked on a day of exploration, learning, and fun at Park Farm in Snettisham.

The children were excited for the ten-minute minibus ride to start the day’s adventures. Upon arrival, the children were immediately immersed in the wonders of farm life when they had the unique opportunity to visit a newborn lamb just minutes old. This was followed by a spectacular deer safari, where they met and fed a herd of red deer.

The day was packed with hands-on experiences that brought the children closer to nature. They collected fresh farm eggs, fed the goats, and even bottle-fed orphaned lambs. Among the day’s many highlights was meeting Wilbur, a charming little piglet everyone wanted to take home!

The children enjoyed their packed lunches in the school trip marquee before returning, their minds brimming with new knowledge and appreciation for farm life.

This wonderful day would not have been possible without the efforts of Colleen and Trevor, who ensured the children had a safe, educational, and thoroughly enjoyable trip. A big thank you to them for making this day possible!