Bonfire Night: A Dazzling Success!

Glebe House School’s Annual Fireworks Night, rescheduled to Tuesday, November 7th, was a dazzling success! 

The event, organised by the Parents’ Committee, with support from staff and parents across the wider school community, was a fabulous opportunity for parents and children from the nursery and school to come together and enjoy the much-anticipated annual fireworks display.

Under a clear night sky, families enjoyed a variety of treats, including hot dogs, mulled wine, and other hot drinks, along with sweet treats, crisps, and the all-important Glo Sticks that were available for purchase.

A large bonfire created a focal point for the evening’s festivities and ensured everyone stayed cosy for the night’s highlight – the spectacular fireworks display – expertly managed by a controlled computerised ignition system, kindly created and managed by Dan Neidle, a parent at the school. 

Watching the children enjoy their hot dogs and Glo Sticks in the dark was a joy, and a path marked with a lit pumpkin trail added an extra touch of magic to the enchanting evening.