Exploring Ancient Civilisations at Norwich Castle

On January 16th, Division III embarked on an enlightening trip to Norwich Castle to learn more about this term’s history topic, Ancient Greece.

The focus of the day trip was the Ancient Civilisations workshop, a perfect fit for the class, having previously learned all about the Ancient Egyptians. The workshop explored the impact of ancient civilisations, including the Greeks, the Sumerians, those of the Indus Valley and more, on our modern world, focusing on four of the key achievements of these civilisations: farming, writing, building, and philosophy.

In the capable hands of their teachers, Mrs Bygraves, Mrs Hipwell and Miss Stephenson, Division III eagerly participated in a series of fun and thought-provoking tasks. Working together in teams, they recreated an arch – one of the most significant architectural achievements of ancient civilisations; tried their hands at writing like ancient Sumerians and enjoyed a heated philosophical debate over a humble crisp packet.

Division III’s adventure in time continued with a fascinating tour through the Natural History Gallery and the castle grounds in the glorious winter sunshine. A great day at Norwich Castle, enjoyed by all!