Langham Glass Science Trip

Division II has recently been studying different types of materials in their Science lessons and saw theory put into practice during the annual visit to Langham Glass on 16th November.  

Located in Fakenham, just 20 miles away, Langham Glass provided an excellent opportunity for the children to see learning in the classroom applied in real life. Mrs Maud took her class by school minibus, which always proves to be such a highlight for the children.

During their visit, the children explored the intricate world of glass production, discovering the art of crafting glass and marvelling at the creation of a beautiful snowman and several animals and vases. The highlight of the visit came when the Langham glassmaker blew into the glass, creating an enormous glass balloon that she carefully exploded, creating an impressive bang!

At the end of the trip, each child was given the chance to create a personalised glass tealight holder to bring back home.

The outing proved to be a wonderful experience, offering the children a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating process of glassmaking.