Happy and safe. Every aspect of nursery life is centred around ensuring all of our youngest children feel both at all times.

Located within the school grounds, Glebe House School Nursery has its own dedicated building and outdoor play areas and is open 50 weeks a year.

Our success lies in close communication with home, and following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS), each child is appointed a key carer who supports them day-to-day, nurturing and tracking the child’s progress as they grow, and acting as the parents’ main point of contact within the nursery.

From the start, learning is fun and through constructive play the children are encouraged to develop creativity, self-expression and independence, but most of all they enjoy themselves. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their children’s learning at nursery through ‘All About Me’ books and continual close communication, ensuring we share each child’s experiences and progress and celebrate them to develop their self-esteem and confidence.

And to ensure their care and education throughout the EYFS is as seamless and happy as possible, Glebe House Nursery liaises closely with other settings; in their last year in nursery our children regularly visit our reception class to prepare them for their next steps.

To learn more about our key carers and about how EYFS works to give your child the best possible start in life, and about the EYFS funding to which your child is entitled, please visit our EYFS page.

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