What can history show us about tolerance and respect? Does looking after the environment matter? Why is logic important in maths? How can art help us understand the world?

These are just a handful of questions that our children tackle when they study with our specialist teaching staff from the age of seven upwards.

Prep class sizes remain small and our academic programme challenges our children, going beyond the National Curriculum to meet the requirements of Common Entrance.

All pupils who have left at the end of Division VIII over the last 20 years have moved to their first choice of senior school, with 25 per cent gaining scholarships. Former pupils – or Old Aquilians as we know them – have achieved more than 90 per cent A* or A grades in their GCSE examinations three years later, and we believe the seeds of their success are sown at Glebe.

‘Pupils’ success owes much to their positive attitudes and they approach learning with evident enjoyment and enthusiasm’

ISI Inspection Report