Spring Informal Concerts

Our school was alive with the sound of music in the spring term, thanks to our two informal concerts in February and March.

These events provide a platform for our Pre Prep choir and budding musicians of all ages to showcase their musical progress and build their confidence in performing.

The concerts were a delightful medley of music, showcasing the rich diversity of our musical program. The Pre Prep choir stole the show with their renditions of “Rabbit ain’t got no Tail” and “Spring Chicken”, and the audience was treated to a wide variety of instruments, from the piano to the trumpet, the harp to the drums, and the clarinet to the guitar. The concerts also featured solos and home-composed pieces, adding a personal touch to the performances and further enriching the musical experience.

At Glebe, we believe in giving every child the opportunity to shine. These concerts are a testament to that belief, allowing all children to perform in front of their peers and families and take pride in their musical journey. 

We are incredibly proud of all the children who participated, especially those who performed for the first time.

Thank you to our dedicated teachers, Mrs Hipwell, Mrs Carnell, Mr Preston, Mr Seales, and Dr Stewart, for their unwavering support. 

Here’s to many more harmonious concerts at Glebe House School!